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Persistence in Mourning : Listless Acts of Attrition

Personally, Funeral Doom can easily provide an exceptional example of the best Doom as a parent genre has to offer - on that same note, however, it can just as easily taint that promise with perhaps some of the worst articles of music to have ever surfaced. Enter Persistence in Mourning, whose first album 'Listless Acts of Attrition' can safely fit into the category of the former through boundless experimentation and the installation of progressiveness contrary to its minimalistic nature.

Compositional diversity is an unspoken undercurrent throughout 'Listless Acts of Attrition', with each piece seemingly an act unto itself yet somehow intimately connected with its grim host. Very reminscent of Wormphlegm, Wraith Of The Ropes, and Skepticism, Persistence in Mourning impart a cavernous cacophony of electronic chaos and Funeral doom, iced generously with obscure samples and inhumanly processed vocals. An eerie sense of dread permeates the album, though its chill ultimately proves far more vintage spookshow than legitimate evil.

Originality is fast becoming a rare commodity within Funeral Doom, as swarms of current practioners offer little more than pale, reverb-soaked regurgitations of stale formulas and tired cliches. How then has Persistence in Mourning managed to produce such a wildly inventive initial offering in 'Listless Acts of Attrition'? Perhaps something decidely sinister lurks within the water supply of Oklahoma City.

My criticisms of 'Listless Acts of Attrition' are highly paradoxical, as my perception of the album's weaknesses also define my perception of the album's strengths. Some tracks suffer from alternating bits of very sparse instrumentation, but it is this very minimalism that allows the complete absorption of atmosphere, painting a far more vivid picture through imagery than additional notes could have provided. I would have desired far more vocals than were ultimately present, though its sporadic omission again made the material more easily digestible. Truly a ceremony of opposites, though the focal point of atmosphere seems in reflection far more than unintentional.

Almost as a nod to one of Death/Doom's eldest pioneers, My Dying Bride, 'Listless Acts of Attrition' employs cover art by none other than Aaron Stainthorpe. I regard this decision as a very tasteful one, and pays respect to the very roots of Death/Doom. Stainthorpe's crimson landscape of bones, fangs, and organic obscurity is a rather fitting and portentious setting for the album his vision represents. On an interesting note, Swamp Foetus Productions, the French label supposedly releasing 'Listless Acts of Attrition', seemingly disappeared after receiving the album's first pressing, leading this reviewer to believe Persistence in Mourning was the victim of shady business dealings. Mortuaire Records, a young American label, has decided to make the album available to a more widespread audience.

In conclusion, Persistence in Mourning have gifted the Doom community with a highly enjoyable and original album. Only time will tell if 'Listless Acts of Attrition' will prove to be a classic within the Funeral Doom genre, becoming one of those highly sought after rarities desired by collector and merchant alike. If it does, don't say you weren't warned. See you on Ebay.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Hell (In A Very Small Place)
2. WormKing
3. ...This Failed Experiment
4. Triskaidekaphobia
5. En Stille Död *
6. 7 Crowns, 10 Heads

5. A silent death

Duration : Approx. 25 minutes.

Visit the Persistence in Mourning bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-2008 by Timothy Coleman
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