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The band plays a heavy mixture of doom/death and funeral doom. Actually it's quite hard to determine in which category the band stands the firmest, as the sound...
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Pavementsaw : Solid Air Clash

The year 2003 was a productive one when it comes to the formation of new bands. And as good fortune blows wind in our favour, quite a few of the new bands have released free demos on the internet. This is one of those bands. Before you read this review, I recommend that you visit here: www.download.com/pavementsaw first and download the music. With the music at hand you will understand far better what I am saying in this review. [edit by author: Unfortuenately the Download.com page has since been removed and I can't find any new links to the MP3's. However, music from the project can be heard on the unofficial MySpace page and on the last.fm page.]

Pavementsaw is a one man band from Sweden. He plays what many call drone/rock. It is a term that also includes bands like Pelican and 5ive. Since I'm mentioning the aforementioned bands, it should probably be stated that fans of them (and then especially fans of 5ive) would also clearly enjoy Pavementsaw.

Drone/rock is a kind of misleading term, as it is a sort of drone/doom. But while most drone/doom is extremely slow and constantly deep, drone/rock is on the same tempo as the average traditional doom band. They also utilize rocking, yet doomy, riffs that give them their distinctive feel. Pavementsaw is an excellent example of how the inclusion of stoner rock influences works really well in creating that special sound.

The second track, 'Dead Can't Dance', is the shortest of the three and the only one of them which isn't all that doomy. It is literally a mixture of stoner and drone without the detour through doom. Still because of a truly catchy riff, this track is the one that is the most memorable of the demo.

The whole album, including both the doomy and non-doomy sections, is really laid back. It is pretty sleepy for the most part, but it has periods of quite dense activity. All in all, this demo creates a very comfortable experience. It's not often that doom bands can be described as comfortable, but in this case it is probably one of the best words to describe it. There is only one exception to this. The last track has vocals on it. Or I probably should call it vokills, as the hardcore vocals have been nicked. Somehow the vocals don't disturb the calm atmosphere more then they have to.

It's really hard to sum up the sound of this demo as there is so much to describe on it: so many influences and new ways of playing. The music itself is probably the best indicator. Both drone/rockers and stoner fans have plenty to experience here and they should really give it a listen.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. False
2. Dead Can't Dance
3. Der Plague

Duration : Approx. 30 minutes

Visit the Pavementsaw bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-2004 by Arnstein Petersen
Aesthetic Death
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