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Passo Uno : Presenze o.s.t.

Most movies have their own soundtracks. In this case it's quite the opposite. The movie doesn't have it's own soundtrack, the soundtrack has it's own movie. The movie is also on the CD and runs for slightly over 17 minutes.

What really puzzles me is that the CD has two tracklists. On the back of the cover it says that there are 6 tracks and none of them have a title. The inlay says that there are seven tracks with one part of the music each. The latter seems to be the track list of the actual movie. Not all the music tracks appear in the movie and those that do, don't appear in the same order as the tracks on the CD do.

The music is very calm and very nice on the ears, though it has a few dramatic moments. It can best be described as neoclassical done by classic instruments such as cello, clarinet and violin. There are also some synths and guitars from time to time. The music certainly is depressive, yet I find it excellent to close your eyes to and relax.

The video is recorded at a place called Villa Sottocasa. Apparently the villa is owned by a museum and Trazeroeuno, the label, are producing more material based on the building. The movie is very still. It is made entirely out of motionless objects in the house. The camera slowly swings from one side to the other during some of the captures and on some of them you can see a slight breeze through the trees. It seems to be an artistic movie which serves the purpose of preserving images of the villa. The film is beautifully shot, but it's not the kind of movie you would rent unless you're particularly interested in art movies. [edit by author: What I mean to say is that this is a movie without any story to it. It's all about setting a mood.]

All in all a very nice CD with a good atmosphere to it, though I'm not that sure I'd recommend it to most doom fans. It's for the specially interested only.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. (untitled)
2. (untitled)
3. (untitled)
4. (untitled)
5. (untitled)
6. (untitled)

Multimedia track:
Presenze *

* Movie is split into these parts:

1. part I
2. part II
3. part IIIa
4. part IV
5. part IIIb
6. part V
7. part VI

Duration : Approx. 27 minutes

Visit the Passo Uno bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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