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Leather Nun America : Absence of Light

My Catholic upbringing is the best explanation you can find for my love of nuns wearing leather and holding shotguns. There isn’t any shotgun on the new record of US band Leather Nun America (“America” has been added to the band name in order that they won’t be confused with the Swedish Goth Rock band Leather Nun), but there’s leather, nuns and some Heavy Doom bordering on Stoner to get you on a trip.

The fact is, the guys know how to handle their various instruments, but I have some trouble getting enthusiastic about this release. As much as ’All Your Kin’ was a hell of a piece of wax, ’Absence Of Light’ just seems to re-use the same formula without bringing anything fresh to the table. Of course, if you’re into Maryland Doom (which is quite funny in a sense, considering the gang hail from California), you’ll find there enough molten riffs to make your head banging even while you sleep. But compared to the last YOB or the new Spiritus Mortis, Leather Nun America just fall short.

This is one cool yet average album, perfect for your summer barbecues. It just misses that little spark that would have made it an automatic ‘Buy Or Die’!!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Emblem
2. Portcullis
3. Ly Loa
4. Below Zero
5. Some Might Grow
6. Tools Of The New Church
7. Final Resting Ritual
8. Dark Crusade
9. Hm Ending

Duration : Approx. 42 minutes.

Visit the Leather Nun America bandpage.

Reviewed on 15-06-2009 by Laurent Lignon
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