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Until My Funerals Began : Cemeteries Flowers

Until My Funerals Began is another one-man band from the Ukraine and, surprise, this is not Pagan/Ambient NSBM! No, Until My Funerals Began (The grammatical fault is certainly not intended) is a Funeral Doom band. You have the usual stuff: monolithic drums, hypnotic riffs, and a monumental growling voice. It’s heavy and cold, there’s melancholy everywhere, and layers of keyboards. "Nothing more than the myriad of groups of the same kind, then?", you ask?

Well, actually, there is more. The use of keyboards makes the difference, although a keyboard producing organ-like sounds or delicate piano lines is not something very new in the Funeral Doom field. But here, the electronic keyboard serves in coating the songs with the best kind of spacey atmosphere. Discovering a Funeral Doom band that so honestly displays its Kraut Rock influences is what you can call a surprise.

If the songs’ structure is fairly traditional, it is definitely the keyboard input (it condenses a large array of influences: Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schultze, Tangerine Dream, Neptune Towers or even Darkspace) that allows Until My Funerals Began to impose a really cool personality, and to offer an interesting style. Indeed, I rarely heard a Funeral Doom album that had such a soothing effect.

I would not say that Until My Funerals Began is a highly original act revolutionizing the genre, but it must be acknowledged that this mixture of Kraut Rock/Ambient/Funeral Doom for a still unknown artist totally works . It is once again proof that the former Soviet Republic’s metal scene is full of talented Doom projects that however, and that’s a shame, rarely succeed in coming to our western countries.

With 'Cemeteries Flowers' (let's be indulgent on the language approximations), Until My Funerals Began presents the prototype of the perfect first album. Let’s hope it will have a follower.

[edit by admin.: This review was originally written in French for the metal webzine Cryptic Madness, but has, with permission, been translated to English by Bertrand Marchal and Shawn Pelata.]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Sadness Come
2. Beautiful Pain
3. Poem For Dead
4. Cemeteries Flowers

Duration : Approx. 45 minutes.

Visit the Until My Funerals Began bandpage.

Reviewed on 05-06-2009 by Laurent Lignon
Hate Your Guts Records
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