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Divine Lust : The Bitterest Flavours

Time has passed since I last heard from this Portuguese band that was original enough to mix traditional Doom/Death (think the Peaceville Three) with traditional Heavy Metal guitars. Although their first album was interesting, it definitively lacked a lot in both maturity and heaviness.

Six years seem to have helped the band to improve in a lot in those fields, as one can witness on the beautiful intro played on traditional Portuguese guitar. From then on, the listener will be taken on a 67 minutes long trip that is as Doom as it gets, while never lacking in melody nor personality. Gone are the days of My Dying Bride meets Iron Maiden cloning, as the Portuguese quartet dive into more melodic and mellow depths, sometimes reminiscent of mid-period Anathema. Sometimes bordering on pure Gothic Metal, 'The Bitterest Flavours' still manages to surprise the listener by its very varied songs, which include here a violin (as cliché as it can get, but this is still a welcome addition), Latin verses and again some classic piano pieces.

Sure, this won’t be the album of year, but the evolution of the band when compared to its previous effort is impressive. Divine Lust delivers here a charming piece of Melodic and Melancholic Doom Metal, still Heavy enough to satisfy you, yet with enough subtlety to attract fans of the ‘soft’ as well as ‘hard’ sides of the Doom scene.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1.Last Will Left...
2....A Long Way Down
3.Good By Love
5.Devilish Deliverance
6.Duskful Of Bliss, Morningful Of Misery
7.Veil Of Golden Leaves
8.Elsewhere But Here
9.The Son That Never Was
10.Selling My Soul
11.The White Flash

Duration : Approx. 60 minutes

Visit the Divine Lust bandpage.

Reviewed on 03-06-2009 by Laurent Lignon
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