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Vin de Mia Trix is a band from Kyiv that plays a blend of Death-Doom with Funeral Doom and Dark Metal influences. ...
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Candlemass : Lucifer Rising

Candlemass are back with an appetizer before the release of their new album. I admit that I am not just a fan of Candlemass, I am probably their biggest fan south of Rhine. Therefore, you can understand why I may be a little biased in their favor and I’ll try to be as objective as possible. 'Lucifer Rising' is marketed as an EP, but with nine live bonus tracks I consider it a live album with three bonus studio tracks.

The title track is an up tempo song that vaguely brings to mind 'Black Dwarf'. The song has all of the usual Candlemass trademarks: heavy guitars, solid bass and drums, and a great performance by Robert Lowe on vocals. Unfortunately, the song doesn't really work for me and this may be because it lacks the atmosphere that Leif Edling created with his compositions. 'White God' is a more typical song for the band and actually, a very good one. The song could easily have been on 'Ancient Dreams', mostly due to the absence of the psychedelic and progressive elements that were overused on 'King of the Grey Islands'. The new version of 'Demons Gate' is something either you like or not. I like it, but I am also aware that many people were critical of the band’s choice to re-record it.

The live portion of 'Lucifer Rising' is actually the reason I bought the CD. I still remember almost throwing my computer screen out the window when I learned about their show a week late. My humble advice to promoters; next time do what your job title means and promote. The band is in great form and has a great time performing which is reflected in the response from the audience. The new tracks sound heavier compared to the studio versions and Robert does a great job with the old classics. 'Solitude' is awesome and far superior to the version they did as bonus track on the limited edition of 'K.O.T.G.I.'. The same goes for 'Of Stars and Smoke' and 'Black Dwarf'.

Special mention goes to the audience who sings with the band and in some parts does what Greeks do best, singing louder than the band. Another special mention, and this time a bad one, goes to their label for the poor packaging of the CD. It doesn't even have the names of the band members and it only contains a card for Nuclear Blast merchandize.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Lucifer Rising
2. White God
3. Demons Gate
4. At The Gallows End *
5. Solitude *
6. Emperor Of The Black Void *
7. Devil Seed *
8. Mirror, Mirror *
9. Under The Oak *
10. Of Stars And Smoke *
11. Black Dwarf *
12. Samarithan *

* Live track

Duration : Approx. 72 minutes.

Visit the Candlemass bandpage.

Reviewed on 07-04-2009 by Dimitris Plastiras
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