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Gallileous : Ego Sum Censore Deuum

Those Doomsters from Poland have managed to create an album that could easily be the soundtrack to your desperate hours to come. The trip starts with an apocalyptic intro that soon will drive us to the deeper musical paths of the album that includes nothing more and nothing less than melodic, mournful Doom Metal. Based on mysteriously esoteric melodies created by keyboards, the music of Galilleous blessed by a touch of mourning takes the listener into a grey painted journey.

Their music is heavy and solid while also atmospheric and deep. Their songs are mainly down-tempo and their aggressive, Black Metal / Sludge like vocals add a special trademark to the band. There are also more growly vocals based on more Traditional Doom/Death Metal forms but it’s the Sludgy ones that stick in your mind. To tell you the truth, it took me some time to get used to this very specific type of vocal delivery. Not because I am not used to it, but because their singer has a special, unique way of delivering his black and razor-cutting vocal lines. At the end of the day I found myself somehow addicted and I’m sure that, in the case of vocals, we have the well known 'hate them or love them' issue, so it is up to you. I would prefer some melodic vocal parts in some specific song passages, but this is another story. Their music is desperate and mournful enough so I guess I would return to it pretty often. I am sure that I would stick more to them if, on their next release, they managed to create heavier sound in production. This one has keys that are high in the mix and the guitars somehow get buried. I guess that with an even heavier sound their Doom Metal would attract more and more people.

To sum things up; if you are into to deep, ambient stuff, if you like mysterious melodies, if Sludge vocals create a special addiction in you, if you have enjoyed bands like Paragon Of Beauty and Katatonia in their very early stage, then this is a release for you. Fingers crossed.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Ego Sum Censore Deuum
2. I'll Revenge
3. Fall of Emperors
4. Mogily Haremu
5. Destiny I
6. Destiny II
7. Inferno Doom
8. Anti Vaticano
9. Lunatic
10. Gallileous

Duration : Approx. 56 minutes.

Visit the Gallileous bandpage.

Reviewed on 31-03-2009 by Chris Papadakis
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