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Slow and utterly depressive funeral doom band with a weeping guitar. Growled and spoken vocals. For fans of My Dying Bride as well as fans of Shroud o...
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Raventale : Davno Ushedshikh Dney

Surprise was the main feeling that covered me after I gave a few listens to this CD. For a reason still unexplained to me I found myself stuck into what I have just heard, asking for more. It could be mainly due to the atmospheric and depressive in a sweet way music I found trapped in there, music that with no doubt attracted me deeply.

It is basically the ambient keyboard themes that create the main basis of the music in here. The guitar themes, in slow and mid tempos, are presented under post Black Metal structures building beautiful esoteric melodies that will drive the listener to a private apocalypse after repeated listens. An apocalypse that could be the bloom of melancholic feelings that someone hides deep inside, but this depend on you.

This is music to be heard at those strange hours of the night when we have dove into its heart, slowly approaching the dawn...still not full night… still not full dawn… if you understand my point. After all it was a perfect soundtrack for me during these times.

Music is the key point in here, although the vocals sound frozen enough, carrying a special way of semi-whispering the lyrics, they could not fit better with the final result.

If you enjoyed the melancholic ambience of Buruzm's albums then you will feel at home here because the music of Raventale is even more melodic, more "warm" to listener’s ears –no matter the frozen vocals (haha) - and carries less bitterness than Varg's art. But still we can talk about a journey into melancholy that carries plenty of Doom features under the slow guitar parts and the gloomy atmosphere of the music. To sum things up, we get a mixture of Black Metal and Doom Metal, with some unique Epic references.

Well it seems that Astaroth, the main man behind this band from Ukraine, has managed to offer me a nice trip to sweet darkness. I hope the same for you as well.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Скрежетом Боли (Ностальгиа)
2. Давно Ушедших Дней
3. Ввысь За Горизонт (Both Like Birds)
4. Sunset Of The Age
5. Из Времени Черных Колодцев
6. Вдаль Уходящий Мой Силует

Track titles in latin letters [and English translation in brackets]:

1. Skrezhetom boli (nostal'gia) [Gnash of the pain (nostalgia)]
2. Davno ushedshikh dney [Of days long past]
3. Vvys' Za Gorizont (both like birds) [Upwards to the horizon (both like birds)]
5. Iz Vremeni Chernykh Kolodzev [From time black wells]
6. Vdal' Ukhodyaschiy Moy Siluet [Afar leaving my silhouette]

[note by admin.: These translations might seem like nonsense, but, according to a russian friend of mine, the original text is just as strange.]

Duration : Approx. 44 minutes.

Visit the Raventale bandpage.

Reviewed on 30-03-2009 by Chris Papadakis
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