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Fistula : Burdened by Your Existence

'Burden of Your Existence' is one vile beast of an album...and that is in no way an insult. Fistula's music is agonizingly slow, minimalistic sludge and it treads in the same black tar pits of despair as bands like Corrupted, Grief, and dot[.]. There is also a hint of 'My War' era Black Flag in the band's sound as well. This album is not going to be for everyone and is in no way an easy listen, but spend some time with 'Burden of Your Existence' and you will find the rewards are plenty.

The riffs on this album are down tuned and slothful, focusing on a few repetitive notes that build the feeling of being buried under a thousand pounds of wet sand. The guitar work is thick as molasses and it will crush your bones into fine powder. Vocalist Steve Barcus sounds as if he survives on a steady diet of Kentucky bourbon, cheap weed, and broken glass. Barcus spits blood, bile and malevolence all over 'Burden of Your Existence'. The rhythm section will pummel you into submission with its thunderous, abrasive brutality.

The lyrics are dished out in waves of anger, violence, and revenge, seeking only to weed out and crush those weak of heart and mind. On 'Destroying the Masters House', Barcus barks "embracing our violence is vengeance, all you see is our backs as it burns to the ground" and on the bruising album opener 'Burn the Ladder' he unleashes "wretched and needy, helpless and greed, may your God be with you, cause I won't be". Quite simply, Barcus' lyrics reek of piss and venom.

With 'Burden of Your Existence', Fistula have crafted an album that stands up with the best of the sludge genre and considering the company that puts them in, this is no small accomplishment.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Burn the Ladder
2. Destroying the Masters House (With the Masters Tools)
3. Vomit Black
4. Sweet Revenge
5. Isolation Reward
6. Cat Skulls Are Thick
7. The Butcher
8. Monkey Astronaut

Duration : Approx. 57 minutes

Visit the Fistula bandpage.

Reviewed on 11-03-2009 by Kyle Havens
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