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Faal : Abhorrence-Salvation

Take Evoken, mix it with Elysian Blaze and you have something that is not to far from Faal

Do not judge hastily; take the time to look back at your work; let the music grow within yourself... These are basic rules when reviewing an album. Rules that, I confess, I almost did not follow in this case. Shame on me because I would have missed a good band and, ultimately, you could have given me too much credit and let Faal get lost in oblivion.

Faal's Doom doesn’t grasp much attention at first, that's a fact. However, the music is more subtle and cleverly thought out than one might think at first. This is classic Doom Death that the Dutch band composes, sure. It’s not experimental or innovative but it is powerful and insistent.

They claim to use Post-Rock influenced guitars. Well, that kind of statement annoys me a bit: I mean if there is a vague genre that weirdly gives motives to boast, it is indeed Post-Rock. Faal use some moody guitar lines that have a Post-Rock edge as dozen of other bands can do without even knowing it. That being said, the guitar tones indeed help shape Faal's music. Their leads develop an effective, aerial, droning vibe.

The band has an obvious talent to build walls of thick sound; its heavy and crushing. The album offers its parts of sadness, despair and dark funerary atmospheres. The more interesting to my ears is the quite dirty production which gives the band a somewhat vintage shine. It reminds me of the first work of Gallileous or some sides of Indesinence; it brings a bleak mood that takes their music to the borders of the Black Metal fields. In that perspective, I could describe Faal's 'Abhorrence - Salvation' as a clash between, let’s say, Longing for Dawn for the use of the keyboard and Elysian Blaze for the more depressive et bleaker aspects.

The four long songs have quite the same atmosphere and rhythm, no part really stands out; I think this is a good thing, even if unintentional: it increases the oppressive effect of the whole.

Faal is a good band, as I almost didn’t notice it. That means a skilled band which now has to develop a richer sound to become more personal. I certainly recommend them to all the darker and heavier Doom Death Metal fans out there.

Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. 00.00
2. In My Final Hour Of Grief
3. The Scent Of Withered Flowers
4. Perpetual Solitude

Duration : Approx. 45 minutes.

Visit the Faal bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-03-2009 by Bertrand marchal
Aesthetic Death
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