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Ophis : Stream Of Misery

It's been three years since Ophis' previous effort 'Nostrae Mortis Signaculum'. Not much has changed this time around. The line-up remains the same and the product you'll recieve is approximately the same dark, melodic black/doom. For those who don't have the previous release, think of what Katatonia's 'Dance Of December Souls' would have sounded like if they had focused more on miserable lament rather than the pain of a desperate soul. I find that to be quite the fitting image at least.

What stands out to me on this CD is the surprisingly heavy track 'Dolor Nil Finis' (latin for "pain never end"). It's definately one of the most bass laden doom/black tracks I've ever heard. Like the other tracks on 'Stream Of Misery', 'Dolor Nil Finis' plods along at an averagely slow tempo but sets itself apart from the other songs by using less of the bright, bleak guitars and replacing it with coarser riffage. The best trait of the band, at least to this reviewer's ears, are the growls and screams of vocalist and band mastermind Philipp Kruppa. He manages both vocal styles well and manages to put a lot of power into both. Personally, I find that more than half of what makes a growled vocalist good is the force he manages to put behind the outbursts without straining them to death.

As you may have gotten the idea, Ophis is a band for those who enjoy the old Katatonia or perhaps just depressive black/doom in general. It's not as bleak as many others in the genre and thus may also appeal to fans of equally hopelorn melodic doom/death.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Godforsaken
2. Beneath Sardonic Skies
3. Dead Inside
4. Pazuzu
5. Dolor Nil Finis
6. Black Wish
7. Thy Flesh Consumed

Duration : Approx. 54 minutes.

Visit the Ophis bandpage.

Reviewed on 01-03-2009 by Arnstein Petersen
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