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Originally formed in 2009, in Voronezh, Restless Oblivion took until 2011 to reach a stable line-up and record a demo. Throwing Black metal influences in...
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Shades of Deep Water : Shades of Deep Water

Shades of Deep Water is the one-man project of J.H. and his self-titled demo contains some of the most mournful pieces of music made in Finland. Combining the mournful sound of Shape of Despair with the cold hopelessness of Il Sangue and the faint vocals of Until Death Overtakes Me, 'Shades of Deep Water' really makes an impression. If there was ever an ounce of a hope, it's not reflected in the music. When I contemplate the name of the project, it sounds like the corpse is already floating deep down in the shadows of a dark lake while the slightly more oppressive moments disturb that image as if the corpse were still moving.

This self-titled demo is apparently the first release for J.H. which is reflected in the slightly lo-fi quality of the sound. The limited sound quality that you get from a tape may be the cause of this, but it's a demo and as such the sound seems somewhat appropriate. The project has no official pages which is often the case for bands/projects that intend to remain underground. Even the information you find on the label's homepage isn't very comprehensive. Indeed I feel I can comfort the extreme doomster...this project will never enter the main stream.

'Shades of Deep Water' lasts a mere 17 minutes and though only limited to a release of 200 copies, it still sold out pretty fast from the label. That's underground recognition for you! Even so, you may be able to score a copy for a reasonable price. If you count yourself among the most depressed of doomsters you might want to look into this. If not, Shades of Deep Water has already released a second demo, only a year after the first, and it has sold out as well! Thus I expect, in time, there will be more to come giving the mournful doomster the chance to grab a future release if he/she keeps his/her eyes open.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Lifeless Surroundings
2. Bitter End

Duration : Approx. 17 minutes.

Visit the Shades of Deep Water bandpage.

Reviewed on 01-03-2009 by Arnstein Petersen
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