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This project is a collaboration between the funeral doom masters Stijn van Cauter and E.M. Hearst. This is sick, slow and slightly tribal funeral doom which is ...
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Samothrace : Life's Trade

Hailing from the desolate plains of Lawrence, Kansas, Samothrace have taken all of the austere nothingness and despair-breeding loneliness of their home state and channeled it into one of the most beautiful, crushing, progressive doom albums in quite some time.

'Life's Trade', the band's full length debut on 20 Buck Spin, is unrelentingly brutish and deceivingly beautiful all at the same time. The band's two guitars are a layered collision of heavy de-tuned riffs, varying harmonies and blues based soloing, while the vocals incorporate long cadences which alternate between screaming and growling. 'Life's Trade' clocks in at a little over 47 minutes and three of its four tracks clock in at over 11 minutes each, giving the band ample time and space to explore their brutal sonic palette.

Of the albums four tracks, 'Awkward Hearts' clearly stands out among the rest. Mixing the wilting melodies of Morgion and Anathema with the crushing Post Rock of Pelican and Neurosis, 'Awkward Hearts' is a rare, moving slice of doom that will leave your heart battered and your soul beaten and bruised.

The glacial fuzz and roaring "prairie thunder" of Samothrace's music should satisfy even the most seasoned doomster. 'Life's Trade' is a hulking behemoth that will swallow you whole.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. La Llorona
2. Awkward Hearts
3. Cacophony
4. Cruel Awake

Duration : Approx. 47 minutes.

Visit the Samothrace bandpage.

Reviewed on 01-03-2009 by Kyle Havens
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