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Embrace my Ruin : A Lullaby for a Dying

Embrace my Ruin: the rising of a star.

Embrace my Ruin is a crowded Italian band. It is made of no less than seven memebers. Does quantity bring quality in this case? My answer is a big and enthusiastic 'YES!'. Together they gave birth with 'A Lullaby For A Dying' (their first demo) to an ambitious work, artistically intense and technically... quite perfect.

The vocals duet is your archetypal 'beauty and the beast' dialogue: deep grunts vs a clear female voice. Don't imagine another weepy gothic mating, though: the vocal tone of Tina Gagliotta is naturally neutral. Her lines are quiet and never fall into the trap of operatic bombast that all too often can be found in this combination of styles.

Embrace My Ruin's Doom is rather simply structured. Each piece is an alternation of melodic blocks - roughly, you could divide each track the same way:

First block: it begins with a slow and somewhat solemn movement. The guitars weave a light, aerial veil, bringing a soft and comfortable flow. Their deep and calm leads are highlighted by discrete layers of keyboard, then a range of more rough and up-tempo riffs break the tranquil - but always somber - course of the music. The intensity goes on rising which bring us to the second melodic block. The notes become sharper, an accentuated play of the cymbals punctuates the music, it goes faster and faster and at some point, the growls break into a Black-ish voice that however keeps a hoarse tone. Then the whole thing comes back to the first type of movement, the pace slows down again. Each song is therefore a simple but very persuasive and effective addition of two different rhythmic patterns: slow – fast; the combination being likely to be repeated a second time.

That formula does not make the listening boring at all; each of the 4 tracks is rich enough, filled with their own melodic subtelties and variations to maintain the interest and more, to cause immediate adherence. Also noteworthy is the quality of the production: the sound is warm, quiet and refined and contributes much to make this first demo so convincing.

If you are receptive to the charms of Saturnus, Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy or Mournful Gust, try to catch an ear at Embrace my Ruin. And keep an eye on their future productions. I tell you: a star is born.

Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. In a Deep Silence
2. A Lullaby for a Dying
3. Solitude in Pain
4. Memories Through the Shadows

Duration : Approx. 24 minutes.

Visit the Embrace my Ruin bandpage.

Reviewed on 18-02-2009 by Bertrand marchal
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