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Dictator : Dysangelist

The musical visions of Dictator are dark, profound and challenging.

Dictator is a one-man Funeral Doom act from Cyprus. His musical visions are dark, profound and challenging. 'Dysangelist', the project's first real full-lenght, is an outstanding concept album about God, Death and Perdition.

It is indeed a desperate liturgy that wrote Dictator, an ambitious work of great spirituality. There's no hope to be found here:the quest for light leads to the discovery of a black pit where the soul suffocates.

The structure of 'Dysangelist' is made of superpositions. It is all layers upon layers: muffled voices, rumbling guitars, ethereal and fatidic notes of piano, solemn drums, indecipherable borborygmus, austere choirs and desperate thick growls. The deleterious flavor of the music of Dictator percolates through each of these ingredients. The resulting drink is pitch black, but in its blackness it reveals, to whom accepts to give a deep look at it, a million of iridescent glints. 'Dysangelist' is made of subtle nuances.

The apocalyptical scope of 'Dysangelist' can bring you to detect existential questions: Is Man answerable to a Superior Being? Is he in control of his destiny? Is there a remedy to suffering? Is there any sense at all? Dictator keeps asking questions. His speech is opaque, full of anxieties and frightening expiatory vomits. Dictator's philosophy is cryptic; he doesnít offer us any key to unlock it. As I have done it, we can only guess the intentions; we can only venture to imagine a signification. Maybe there is no signification at all; maybe the music is also sufficiently clear in itself. The atmospheres are hypnotic: shimmering riffs of guitar coupled to the somber singing of a Gregorian monk plunge into a meditative abyss. A mysterious magus recites obscure incantations. There is a sense, a truth lurking behind the buzzing bass and husky howls, the dismayed sobs.

Threatening crackles, ambient waves, droning echoes, the Doom of Dictator escapes all dogmatic rules. Doom, Black, it is but it is also much more. Dysangelist is a religious painting, rich, very complex. Each of the four tracks that make up the album opens a page of an esoteric Psalms Book that hides a mysterious message. Itís an anxious spiral leading to a nether world full of dancing shadows. You contemplate them with shyness, respect and fascination.

'Dysangelist' is a masterpiece, donít miss it.

Reviewer's rating: 10/10


Tracklist :
1. Dysangelist
2. Sanctum
3. Monolithos
4. Phantom Cenotaphium

Duration : Approx. 75 minutes.

Visit the Dictator bandpage.

Reviewed on 28-01-2009 by Bertrand marchal
Aesthetic Death
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