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Horrors Of The Black Museum : Gold From the Sea

Have you seen these dusty old films, shot on a shoestring budget, in three days? At the time, an eternity ago, a large part of popular cinema was occupied by strange films; violent, horrific and seemingly from elsewhere. Softly denuded girls were kidnapped by humanoid creatures haunting the swamps, green one-eyed aliens emerged from outter space trying to submit the human race to their supremacy, crazy scientists cultivated man-eating plants and one still had the right, at the time, to beach on a ground surveyed by giant crabs that only obeyed the voice of a mysterious voodoo queen. The naivety of the audience, the diabolical seduction of the big screen, the comfort of the dark theaters alltogether made the dream come true. It worked. This glorious “weird tales” era is now over, passion has given way to finance, rubber masks to computer generated graphics.

But there is still Music, the most powerful vector of emotions that can be. Horrors Of The Black Museum, a French band that have only produced a noteworthy demo in 2005, has found the right notes to bring the old deserted cardboard sets back to life again. Along the tracks an entire world is reborn. The spotlights are switched on, the softly denuded girl steps back into the scene while the monster patiently awaits its time in the shadows of the forest of plastic.

Horrors Of The Black Museum practice a dissonant and undulating Doom. The drums play a dominant role; full of brass, they bring notes that have the taste of past time. The guitars are hypnotic and insistent. The appropriate, eerie sound of the keyboards serves to signal the soundtrack of a movie which summarizes all movies. 'Gold From The Sea' is an album in Cinemascope. The colors leak a bit, the notes languish, crackle, but like in front of the screen, you believe it all.

Samples of sea and waves put the music at the threshold of a world before vast possibilities. The imagination is within reach, all you need is a boat, a camera or the right melodic line. In the lyrical voice of Mr. Twylyght there is all the nostalgia and the sorrow for a long gone time and you can hear the siren of the ship sailing away, it’s the warm breath of the past. The guitars weave a tapestry that is already worn; the notes are frail and bent like the back of an old man.

The music of Horrors Of The Black Museum proudly carries the scars of a golden era to which it pay tribute. It's first class Doom, original and sensitive that the band delivers with 'Gold From The Sea', a Doom that is proud of its nostalgic references. Listen carefully; don’t you see the ground moving at the foot of the grave, the glow in the starry sky, and these curious scales abandoned by the sea on the sand?

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Voodoo That You Do
2. Dead Men Shed No Tears
3. Hidding Mask
4. Gold From The Sea

Duration : Approx. 41 minutes.

Visit the Horrors Of The Black Museum bandpage.

Reviewed on 20-12-2008 by Bertrand marchal
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