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Melodic death/doom band that will certainly appeal to fans of My Dying Bride, Saturnus and Novembers Doom. By combining dreamy melodic part...
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Skepticism : AEOTHE KAEAR

Recently, Red Stream records re-released this demo through their mail-order website. Anxious fans didn’t hesitate to lay their hands on the tape, as a view into the band’s early days is certainly interesting.

The songs on the tape are obviously early versions of the songs appearing on later releases. The production is different from that found on 'Stormcrowfleet'. The sound quality is less, but the individual instruments are easier to pick out, as opposed to the muffled sound on the first album.

The song versions themselves are mostly identical in terms of composition, but generally faster. It feels as if the band still had to let the funeral doom vibe sink in a little. Only 'Chorale' is really different from the version found on 'Ethere'. Several parts of the song have been switched, the song starting for example with the organ solo that appears in the middle of a song on the second version. There are also some extra riffs in there that were left out for that later version.

So, for Skepticism fans, this tape is a very good way to learn something about the band's history, this tape being easier available than the 7". The songs are a bit different, as said, but the true Skepticism feeling is already there. For people who don’t know the band yet and read this as a guide to the band's music, try one of the later albums first, as they are more representative of the sound the band has today. Anyway, this is a great piece of funeral doom and a prelude to the later greatness of the band.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Everdarkgreen
2. Pouring
3. The Rising Of The Flames
4. Chorale

Duration : Approx. 36 minutes

Visit the Skepticism bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Oscar Strik
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