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Frailty : Lost Lifeless Lights

Contrary to what Frailty claim, their Doom is not experimental (whatever this qualification might mean). It is far from being orthodox though. Their influences are recognizable and diverse: My Dying Bride blended with Samael, Anathema with the dark ambient scene. Conscious of the great value of their elders’ legacy, Frailty compose some strong, baroque and energic music that is just a little bit adventurous.

The keyboard is very effectively used. The atmospheric intro testifies it. It predicts opaque darkness, what the continuation of the disc will finally deny. This is the flaw of 'Lost Lifeless Lights' – and maybe also a part of its interest: a certain incoherence of the whole, not of each track when taken separately.

The first moments of the album develop some relatively ominous moods, the growls are very deep (in the style of Ahab for instance), the dark atmospheres are sometimes colored with more romantic tints. The breaks, numerous and well delivered, boost cleverly the attention of the listener. The music of Frailty is full of complexity but always sits on a firm foundation. It is the ground, the compact knoll on which they build their house. It is a quirky dwelling, full of gables and strange excrescences. Here, the rooms may have illogical dimensions and the staircase may lead nowhere.

I mentioned the quality of the keyboard's contribution, but the guitars are far to be outdone. I would even say that they are the signature of Frailty's original sound: the bassy, resonant, muffled texture of their melodic lines brings some heat and an almost shamatic note which makes the music quite insistent.

Frailty give on this album the impression that they want to embrace all of Doom’s spectrums: there are some Death outbursts – always moderated by a strong melodic feeling ('A Summer To Die' where Novembers Doom come to mind), some funeral enticement ('The River Of Serpents' where the cavernous grunts evoke a merciless golems' march), some black-ish frenzy ('Graphics In Ebony' and 'Lugsana', where there is a sense of great urgency), some epic grandiloquences (now and then, a powerful but a bit affected clear voice - almost gothic - joins in the tortuous structure of the compositions).

'Lost Lifeless Lights' is a debut album and as such, it is already very enjoyable, but I’d bet they can do more. Frailty's own brand of Doom is very creative, maybe too much. They should restrict a bit their itch for eccentricity and ecumenism. By clarifying their music, they will make it totally convincing.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Intro
2. I Know Your Pain
3. Ariadne
4. The River Of serpents
5. Graphics In Ebony
6. The Fall Of Eve
7. A Summer To Die
8. The Scorn
9. Lugsana

Duration : Approx. 68 minutes.

Visit the Frailty bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-11-2008 by Bertrand marchal
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