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Forgotten Daylight : Fall Of My Life - promo edition

There is potential in Forgotten Daylight' approach to Doom.

Hailing from Russia, Forgotten Daylight is a Death Doom band composed of two members. 'Fall Of My Life' is their first album to be recorded under professional conditions. It contains 9 tracks from which 5 only have been pressed on the promo CD which I review here, although curiously, the booklet only mentions three songs. Forgotten Daylight claim to be influenced by Falkenbach and Ajattara (among others) and indeed, they often play faster than it is usually the case in Doom.

The opening of 'Siberia', the first song, gives an impression of majesty and grandeur. The duo seems to be so satisfied with this little formula that it turns in loop during 2 long minutes before the Death voice makes its appearance. I have to say that I had to get used to it: it seems to me that it is kind of forced and not really mastered. This hoarse tone does not seem to suit what I imagine the natural tessitura of the singer can be. But I can deal with it, I even eventually find a primitive roughness in it that is interesting.

The keyboard stands in the heart of Forgotten Daylight's musical intentions. Without it, the band wouldn’t arouse as much the attention. But still, there is something annoying with it. Let's say that the particular tones which come out of it often contradict the dark massivity of the rhythm section coupled with the deep grunts. Omnipresent, the keyboard does not weave aerial ambient waves, it is played in the style of a piano, producing short notes that can't help hopping about. Often, this type of harmony annihilates the band's itch for roughness and expresses an almost festive cheerfulness that is a little bit ridiculous and, at times, completely kitsch.

'Vostok', the second song is undoubtedly the best. The melody develops an insistent cyclic movement and when the voice associates with the dynamic lines of the instruments, when the keyboard calms down its fondness for bouncy folk dance, as it happens in that track, the music of Forgotten Daylight can convince. The rest of the tracks are of varying quality.

The atmospheres make the splits between dark Doom, that can remind one of the early works of Amorphis, and some cheap folk-ish approaches. However, the band knows how to deliver some very good passages. There is potential. But for the time being, nothing really deserves acclamations.

Reviewer's rating: 4.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Siberia
2. Vostok
3. Hammerman
4. untitled
5. untitled

Duration : Approx. 35 minutes.

Visit the Forgotten Daylight bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-11-2008 by Bertrand marchal
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