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[BeforeTheRain] : ...One Day Less

After one mCD and something like ten years of dedication to the genre, here comes '...One Day Less', the first full-length album of the Portuguese Doom Death band [BeforeTheRain]. The time taken has paid off: this album brings to light an astonishingly talented band that weaves a soft and subtle music; a peculiar sensitivity that is all embodied in the warm voice of Carlos D'Agua .

The tracks are long, the words come slowly, with solemnity. The melody is built note by note and scarcely allows itself a step backwards: there are no choruses or gimmicks, always forward, slowly but with confidence. The structures are clear and simple - simplicity: a key word to describe the work of [BeforeTheRain]. Why make it complicated when you have the talent to make it simple?

The disc starts off with quiet arpeggios: a few guitar chords signing the intentions of the band: the music will be sad and romantic. A deep Death growl opens the track 'You ... My Ruin'. The guitars shut up, then chime out short notes accompanying a clear, almost spoken voice. The orchestra gathers itís forces and sings itís pain without pathos, with restraint. The singer varies his registers, the Death-ish vocals are parsimonious: they scan the story more than they lead it. This will stay true throughout the album.

'Paragraph' is another very good song. Itís a recitative; the pace of reading or narration suits the range of Carlos D'Aguaís voice particularly well - Something like a confession in the small of your ear. The violin that makes its discreet appearance in this song amplifies the almost secret nature of the moment.

'Frameless' is overwhelming and glorious at the same time†; the anger of the injured man. "This igneous urge emerge from where sins, where overwhelming freedom turns to an immense prison." So say the lyrics...Romantic, I tell you.

I could have pointed out every single track of '...One day Less' as they all show the exceptional capacity of the band to write delicate and tragic Doom Death songs. There is no bombastic darkness, no traces of black bitterness, it is all warm and velvety and sad. The fragile vibrations underlying the music of [BeforeTheRain] make it very endearing. Romantic, solemn, and devoid of any gothic blisters. It is just deeply human and simply beautiful.

Reviewer's rating: 8.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Wounds of Rejection
2. You...My Ruin
3. Paragraph
4. Frameless
5. Be Mine
6. One Day Less

Duration : Approx. 67 minutes

Visit the [BeforeTheRain] bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-11-2008 by Bertrand marchal
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