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Sluggish Traditional Doom-metal in the vein of bands like St. Vitus and The Obsessed. Heavy riffing is a key factor with this band, making sure th...
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P˙lon : The Eternal Wedding Band

On the inlay it's written "During the making of this album one person died, two were born and two were married. No animals were harmed. ... and Nobody played synthesiser ... again." Very much in tune with the last part of the statement this Swiss band plays down-to-the-basics hard/doom rock. It's completely synth free, although a Hammond organ snuck its way in on a few occasions. The life, death and marriage part probably refers to the same as the album's title. 'The eternal wedding' seems to refer to being joined in life through marriage and being rejoined in death. "Death's a walk, hand in hand." This might seem like the tracks have an optimistic tone, but that hardly seems to be the case. In good doom tradition, anything positive is completely absent.

While the demonstration done on the split with Painwork revealed some Saint Vitus influences, it becomes clear as one listens to this CD that the three tracks included there didn't really reflect the even higher stronger influence that is the average here. They even managed to put the name Saint Vitus into the lyrics of 'A Walk Through Wonderland'. A few lines later, the word 'sabbath' is repeated and thus another of the clear influences has been mentioned. However, P˙lon doesn't rely solely on these influences and stands strong in the hard rock direction as well. Finally there are in fact some very small death metal elements in a few tracks. Nothing that will ruin the experience for a dedicated old school listener, and neither does it make any major changes to the music.

There is no shortage of groove here. Nor is there a shortage of diversity. I'm also sure many Saint Vitus fans would like the boozy vocals. However, it seems that no matter which direction they go, they seldom manage to make anything that really grips you. The bonus video contains black and white - mostly white - images of graves, trees, a woman walking in a dark robe and not much else. I criticized the tracks that appeared on the split for suddenly just ending. Nothing has changed there. The tracks 'Anaconda' and 'In from the Funeral Fields' are the only ones that stand out from the others. I should point out that a real old school fan might feel differently about it. I'm saying that because with the exception of the tracks that just suddenly stop in very annoying places, the rest aren't really that bad. They just didn't do much for me.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
I. And Thus It Ends...
II. Anaconda
III. Falling Into the Sun
IV. Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejection
      Part 1: The Black Sunrise / Part 2: Chaos Theory
V. A Walk Through Wonderland
VI. 2046
VII. The Cold Mirror / Fields Of Sorrow
VIII. In From the Futile Fields
IX. L'Épée Dans Mon Coeur
X. Checkmate 64
XI. To My Brethren
XII. Dementia

Multimedia Track:
2046 (video)

Duration : Approx. 55 minutes

Visit the P˙lon bandpage.

Reviewed on 16-03-2007 by Arnstein Petersen
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