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Eibon deals in both olschool doom/sludge (in particular in the vein of Eyehategod and Crowbar) and some modern bands (for example, 137
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Kauan : Luumikuro

With their album 'Lumikuuro', Kauan has achieved the title of 'The Most Beautiful Russian Doom Band' in my book. But, with Kauan being Finnish for "a long time", and not to mention that the album name and the track titles are all in Finnish, doesn't it seem kind of odd to find that the band is indeed from Russia? To me it did seem just that strange until I realized that Finland has a lot of great melodic and acoustic bands, such as Tenhi. Actually Tenthi is an excellent reference when it comes to Kauan's music. If you mixed the sad acoustic folk music of Tenhi with the melancholy and riffage of Novembers Doom's 'The Knowing', as well as a small amount of slow jazz and a feeling of a winter forest that's similar to what you'll find on Agalloch's 'The Mantle'.

'Lumikuuro' has one of the most comfortable emanations that I've ever heard from a Doom Metal release. Even the occational growls cannot disturb the quiet soul of this album. Still, the album doesn't capture you by sheer catchyness or mainstream appeal. Here it's the soft mood which ensnares; unlike popular music it doesn't rely on the surface to keep things interesting. Anyone with too short an attention span will be able to grasp some beauty from 'Lumikuuro's surface, but I find that the real experience lies deep into the music. If you're like me then allowing yourself to flow with it will leave you with an impression of calmness that lasts for hours. Kauan has managed to create a masterpiece of a kind that's unusual in the Doom Metal genre, yes, perhaps even paradoxical. But however oxymoronic it might sound, I still find "doom" on the face of a sleeping newborn, just as for all mortals.

It's hard to know exactly who to reccomend this album to, but in general I would expect this to appeal to those who also like calm folk music. Except for Tenhi I suppose that some half-good fanbase comparisons might be those into early The 3rd and the Mortal, the calmest Agalloch tracks, or perhaps even piano focused Doom/Gothic in the Silention vein. I can't say I find that list to be anywhere near exhaustive, though. In any case, if you don't mind non-extreme Doom Metal, then I would reccomend, no strongly reccomend, this album to you.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Alku
2. Aamu Ja Kaste
3. Lumikuuro
4. Savu
5. Koivun Elama
6. Syleilyn Sumu

7. Villiruusu
8. Syleilyn Sumu (akkustika)

1. Beginning/Intro
2. Morning And Birth
3. Snow Shower
4. Smoke
5. Life Of The Birch
6. Mist Of The Embrace
7. Wild Rose
8. Mist Of The Embrace (acoustic)

Duration : Approx. 43 minutes

Visit the Kauan bandpage.

Reviewed on 19-11-2008 by Arnstein Petersen
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