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Necrotic Trust : Dry Our Fears

'Dry Our Fears' was originally released in 2005. By it's re-release two years later, the label BadMoodMan Music had discovered this uniquity and given it well deserved professional attention, even if they only made 100 copies of it. To my ears, this sounds like 'Dry Our Fears' needs yet another nudge to get out to the wide audience. A second album is apparently planned for the end of this year (2008)... Perhaps this is the oppurtunity?

Necrotic Trust consists of the two Ukrainians, Igor Korzhov and Serge (with the former apparently being the brain behind it). Igor has clearly had a lot of influence from gothic rock bands, but the end product is undoubtedly some kind of Doom Metal. Some kind of 'too experimental to put into a straight category' Doom Metal, that is. The tearful vocals and gothic atmosphere is very similar to that of Silentium. Even so, the band also has tendencies towards Firebox style melodic Doom/Death bands and, through the same tendencies, there is also a little more distant link to "The Peaceville Three". Keyboards fill out the atmosphere in ways that are perhaps more typical of Eastern European metal bands of the melancholic kind. The bonus tracks show a slightly stronger tendency towards the "Gloom Rock" of Jack Frost.

I've been wondering what the name Necrotic Trust might mean. I'm guessing that it refers to 'trusting the necrotic', trusting that which pertains to death. The words "I dry our fears, to save us from the world" emanate from the title track, which is apparently a way to conquer suffering. Perhaps this pertains to the fear of death? If so then I find it likely that the thought is to conquer the fear of death so that this 'trust in the necrotic' can salvate.

As stated there was only made 100 copies of this DVD-cover re-release. How many were made of the self-released original, I do not know. I'm betting though that it'll be hard to get hold of. Even so, I'll readily reccomend people to give this a chance. If you do then perhaps it's a good idea to give it a few listens before deciding. At least I needed that for it to grow on me.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Point of Fear
2. Revelling in Decay
3. A Conflict Point
4. A Poison for Flesh
5. Hysterical Eden
6. The Light Can't Belong
7. My Naked Misery
8. Dry Our Fears
9. A Plague Spot
10. Dysangelium (bonus track)
11. Bloodcast (bonus track 2)

Duration : Approx. 43 minutes.

Visit the Necrotic Trust bandpage.

Reviewed on 27-09-2008 by Arnstein Petersen
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