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Otkroveniya Dozhdya : Mramornye Tona Otchayaniya

This album is the first release by Откровения Дождя (pronounced "Otkroveniya Dozhdya") despite having formed a whole six years earlier and being formed by two experienced musicians from Ocean Of Sorrow. With their band and album names being Russian for "Revelations Of Rain" and "Marble Tones Of Despair", respectively, it's no surprise that these are melodic and romantic doomsters, and, yes, they do follow the My Dying Bride vein even if they are a bit more gothic. The slowness of the music and slightly minimalistic touch allows the band to balance on the edge of funeral doom, drawing on similarities towards Shape of Despair and Mournful Congregation.

Some may say that this band lacks their own identity or that the album is unoriginal. Yet, I still find that 'Мраморные Тона Отчаяния' (pronounced "Mramornye Tona Otchayaniya") cohers with itself. You'll get the feeling of having heard it before, but Откровения Дождя still pulls off sounding like they were the geniuses who laid the foundation. Simply put, the music feels too much like it is their own to sound like a copycat. I would argue that this is the identity of Откровения Дождя despite being near monozygotic with The Peaceville Three.

The whole album emanates of soft romantic sadness which often reminds me of early Little Dead Bertha and Dis Pater, who take on influences from the Eastern European Gothic Metal scene. Because of Откровения Дождя's Russian name, lyrics, etc., you might have come to the conclusion that they too have this "Eastern European" influence. It is suprisingly small. Their musical identity is far more true to themselves than to the local scene. Which is probably why the music really gives the impression of being "genuine"; of being the true feelings conjured into physical sound. Let's hope they do not take so long to complete another album, and let's hope they pull it off this well.

After repeating their influences throughout the review I suppose it's obvious which fanbase fits in with 'Мраморные Тона Отчаяния'. However, I would go so far as to say that, even though it might be hard to get hold of, and even though it might be easy to forget because their name is just syllables to non-Russian speakers, it is still one of the best efforts to date to continue the path which two thirds of The Peaceville Three left long ago. I also find that the band deserves credit for daring to potentially forsake all international aknowledgement - meaning both that they exclusively do their music in Russian and that they ignore any fingers that would point the title "copycat" toward them - so they could follow their own identity.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Один Из Зимних Дней
2. Декабрь
3. Реквием
4. Приговоренный К Молчанию
5. Дождь
6. На Краю Земли
7. Дороги Судьбы
8. Закат

Track titles in latin letters (and English translation in parenthesis):

1. Odin Iz Zimnikh Dney (One Of Winter Days)
2. Dekabr' (December)
3. Rekviem (Requiem)
4. Prigovoryennyi K Molchaniyu (Sentenced To Silence)
5. Dozhd' (Rain)
6. Na Krayu Zemli (On The Edge Of The Earth)
7. Dorogi Sud'by (Roads Of Destiny)
8. Zakat (Decline)

Duration : Approx. 55 minutes.

Visit the Otkroveniya Dozhdya bandpage.

Reviewed on 30-10-2008 by Arnstein Petersen
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