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Monkey3 : Monkey3-Hypnos 69 Split

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The 'Monkey3/Hypnos 69 Split' is the second release in what I've come to call The Master/Apprentice Split Series (see why here). Last time it was Los Natas and Cabron who followed in Kyuss' footsteps. This time it's a Space/Psychedelic Rock adventure that stands on the shoulders of giants such as Hawkwind and 35007.

This time the apprentices are allowed to strut their stuff first. Monkey3 are clearly influenced by their masters, Hypnos 69, but carve their own path through heavy Stoner influences and a strong Doom vibe. The sound itself has a certain epic quality. It acts like a point in space where the human eye percieves the vastness of a universe, seen in full color, with human nature as the only limit of perception. This track has already been published on '39 Laps', but it's good enough to hear twice.

Hypnos 69 used their time to present two brand new tracks. 'Vendetta' is a Rock track which holds an even stronger emphasis on the Rock than the band normally does. It's light, bouncy and somewhat far out. Let's just say that doubting the '70s influence in Hypnos 69's music would be pure ignorance. Unless I knew, I would have a hard time guessing wether it was a new recording or if it came from the age of Psychedelic Rock. 'Hide Behind the Sun' grants the image of a wild west outlaw. It's performed mostly on acoustic guitar and while it really sounds like a desert it still refrains from any Desert Rock elements. It's the kind of ballad by which cowboys ride into the sun.

This split shows two bands who stand on equal feet. Both are excellent at what they do. Hypnos 69 can be proud of their apprentice, but also wary. Monkey3 are promising enough to be capable of passing it's master in quality and good songwriting. I highly reccomend this 10" to any fan of spaced out psychedelia. These bands really know their stuff!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Once Upon a Time in the West

Hypnos 69:
2. Vendetta
3. Hide Behind the Sun

Duration : Approx. 19 minutes

Visit the Monkey3 bandpage.

Reviewed on 10-10-2008 by Arnstein Petersen
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