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Los Natas : Los Natas/Cabron Split

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This is the first split in a series which will be presented by RocknRollRadio. The series doesn't have a name, but as the record company explains it in the handout, the point is "an oppurtunity to present two bands at the same time to the public. Even a chance for an unknown band to get hooked up with a more famous band and get some exposure in other countries than their own." All concepts need titles to fit neatly into the mind. In my head the memorable part is the known band showing off a blooming newcomer, thus I've come to call it The Master/Apprentice Split Series.

Now, the M/A series won't be presenting doom bands in particular. As anyone familiar with 'Allen's Wrench' already knows, this is Kyuss country. Los Natas proves this to be the case by presenting a cover version of that track as the intro of the split. Not terribly original but well conceived nonetheless. This Stoner/Hard Rock outfit is all about banging heads. It's not particularily laid back, heavy or bouncy. This is a plough that just keeps on going no matter what it encounters in it's forward progress. Despite this they actually manage quite nice solos. And, they are far from as unpleasant as their name implies ('nata' is the skin that cream gets after a while).

And now, the Argentinian masters proudly present their apprentices: Cabron! These Belgian newcomers have already done gig support for Los Natas as well as some other things on their own, with their appearance on the Belgian youth channel Jim TV as the most noteworthy. The songs here are from it's previous demo, allthough remastered they still show the immense potential of the band. Especially the instrumental 'Parascending' shows their talent for riff construction. While they're almost identical to Los Natas when it comes to their chosen sound, it would be a mistake to say that they lie in their shadow. In fact I'd say that here it's the apprentice which has something to teach the master.

By my judgement I'm pretty sure this is of interest mostly to Kyuss fans, of which there are quite a lot! But general fans of no-nonsense Rock with powerful riffage will probably find it just as appealing. A very solid 20 minutes of music!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Los Natas:
1. Allen's Wrench
2. Highway Sun

3. Burden
4. Parascending
5. Backlash

Duration : Approx. 22 minutes.

Visit the Los Natas bandpage.

Reviewed on 14-09-2008 by Arnstein Petersen
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