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Sloth (US) : Division 1 State Champs

Nineteen tracks is quite a lot for what is mostly a doom metal record. If you know that it lasts a little over 45 minutes and do the math, you would figure out that the average track is approximately 2 and 1/3 minutes long. That is way below the average length of a doom metal track. In fact it's more in the line of one of Sloth's other genre influences: punk rock.

This is the only full length released by Sloth from their beginning in 1991, to March 2005, fourteen years later and the moment in time that I'm writing this review. During this 12" these guys pretty much sum up every genre that they have been through during their career. Plenty of weirdness, hardcore, noisecore, sludgecore, stoner rock and of course doom metal. While we're speaking of doom metal I should probably point out that this CD only has around 10-11 tracks of doom while the rest are mixtures of the other genres.

As part of the sum up, Jeff Shirilla from Abdullah appears on 'Taint My Soul', like he has done on many of Sloth's other releases. But that's not all. Jeff also does the drums on 'Confused', and additional helpers Pat and Walters do the same job on a lot of the other songs. Even the tendency towards Polish lyrics which they had in the beginning is present in the track 'Mam Wszystkiego Dosc' (translation: "all moms are final").

The point of this whole full length is to create parodies on different musical genres from pop to rock and metal. They rarely play the genres they are parodying, but instead make their point through sarcastic and ironic lyrics put forth in the most blunt way possible. Some genres are easy to recognize. 'The Story Of My Boobs' seems to be minted on the pop madonnas who play lousy music, but gain popularity through shaking their nice tits. 'Stoner Rock Is Dumb' and 'About Black Metal...' both clearly state which genre they parody. The doom metal parody seems to be the track 'Facts Of Life', which has "oh woe is little pityful me... *cough*bullshit!*cough*" lyrics. Others are harder to get the point of.

Enjoying this CD is impossible if you like any of these genres and have no sense of irony or humor. This vinyl is basically one big laugh based on the stupidities from the world of music. A lot of people don't catch on with the weirdness in the music either. In terms of strangeness this is indeed an extreme release. Personally I really enjoyed it and I know others will too, but the fanbase won't be a huge one.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Paralyse
2. Most Of The Bands I Like Either Broke Up Or Now Suck...
3. The Story Of My Boobs
4. The Boy Scout Motto
5. Sassy Pants
6. Arm's Enough
7. Flea Market
8. Drugs
9. Confused
10. Stoner Rock Is Dumb
11. Facts Of Life
12. Hey Everybody, This Is Not Rock 'N Roll
13. Rape Murder Rape
14. Dick Goddard's Wintery Forest
15. Crime Is Not Interresting
16. Ball Bra
17. Taint My Soul
18. Mam Wszystkiego Dosc
19. About Black Metal...

Duration : Approx. 45 mins

Visit the Sloth (US) bandpage.

Reviewed on 21-10-2007 by Arnstein Petersen
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