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The inclusion of additional veteran musicians on Ennui's third album lifts it to a new level.
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Slow and melancholic doom/death with both male spoken vocals and growls. The band is very melodic yet focuses a lot on riffage. Bands like My Dying Bride...
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Aluna : Crystal Voyage

Aluna is a new band out of Birmingham, a city that is widely regarded as the birthplace of heavy metal and is practically synonymous with the word ĎMetalí itself. And they can proudly take their place among the monoliths of Metal who came before them. Aluna combine traditional Doom Metal with elements of Stoner and psychedelic music, and make use of female vocals, what gives the band a strong 70's rock feel.

The first track of the demo, 'Higher State', is a drug-fuelled psych/Doom anthem that even Pentagram would be jealous of. The next trackís psych overtones remind me of the ending scene of the original 'Wickerman', and the title ('Song Of The Sun') adds to it as well. The last track 'Not The Only One', is just 1'36", but it has a great guitar riff that would make any old-school Doom fan happy.

If I had to compare Aluna with other bands, it would be Northwinds and It Will Come (their first demo). I must say that they made the demo far too short. Itís only 12 minutes long and every time I play the CD it ends just when Iím starting to really get into it. Iím looking forward to their next release through Catacomb Records in 2008.

Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. Higher State
2. Song Of The Sun
3. Not The Only One

Duration : Approx. 12 minutes.

Visit the Aluna bandpage.

Reviewed on 23-11-2008 by Dimitris Plastiras
Aesthetic Death
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