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The Obsessed : The Church Within

This is the last full-length album The Obsessed recorded before (again) breaking up. In 1999 Southern Lord released posthumous a collection of demo's and rare tracks called 'Incarnate', but I consider this to be their last real album (Wino moved on to form Shine, later renamed to Spirit Caravan. Guy Pinhas and Greg Rogers went on to form Goatsnake).

First off for those of you who are not familiar with The Obsessed, a short overview. A young Scott Weinrich, better known as Wino, founded The Obsessed. He however disbanded this band after two recordings to join St. Vitus. After his adventures with St. Vitus he reformed The Obsessed with a new rhythm section. Listening to this album, one realises that this is something we must praise ourselves lucky for.

Which immediately brings me to my opinion on this album. Those who know me, may say that they know that I am anything but a Wino fan. But hearing this album, I think my opinion of his work may be wrong. This entire album breathes the heavy Rock & Roll spirit. Perhaps the sound on this album is a little less doomy than on previous releases (and similar to late-period Trouble) but nevertheless, this is a nice and heavy record without any happy thoughts. I am of course speculating, but it seems that by Sony releasing this album the production has improved compared to previous recordings, which in my opinion does not do damage to the "raw & dirty" feel you'd expect from an album like this.

Wino's raw (clean) vocals fit the music perfectly, which generally plows on at a slow to mid tempo but sometimes also at a pretty rocking pace. Wino definitely proves that rock and roll flows through his veins. Slow flowing thick and heavy cloths to be more precise! 'The Church Within' also belongs to the category of doom albums where the guitar solo's don't bother me at all, fitting in perfectly. They are clearly there, but don't seem to force themselves upon the listener at all. Of course aside from praise for Wino I need to mention that the rhythm section (Guy and Greg) does wonderful work here. Or to put it in other words, everything just seems to fit on this album. I guess it is time to adjust my opinion about Wino and his work. "No Love Stronger, No Pain Greater, No Hate Deeper, The Church Within."

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. To Protect and to Serve
2. Field of Hours
3. Streamlined
4. Blind Lighting
5. Neatz Brigage
6. A World Apart
7. Skybone
8. Streetside
9. Climate of Despair
10. Mourning
11. Touch of Everything
12. Decimation
13. Living Rain

Duration : Approx. 48 minutes

Visit the The Obsessed bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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