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Founded in 2014, in Malmö by Mattias Svensson (ex-Saturnus, and others) and Henrik Kindvall (Skald, and more), later adding drummer Johan Mathisson (O...
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Etheral Dirge : Warm The Globe

There is something to be said for those who go it alone. It takes determination, patience and passion to see one’s vision come to fruition. When these elements come together with strong talent, the resulting project can become a crucial presence in any artistic community. Ethereal Dirge, brought to life by one J. Christopher Springer, is one such project. The debut EP, 'Warm The Globe', lives up to it’s creator’s chosen moniker supplying some truly epic musical atmosphere.

The 5 tracks here, including the re-interpretation of Pink Floyd's 'Goodbye Cruel World', not only capture the essence of pure Doom Metal, they force it into your psyche and swallow you in its presence. The riffs and tempos are remarkably slow and heavy while the melodic injections are chillingly dark. Deftly utilizing dialogue samples, many times in lieu of vocals, the songs take on a creepy, macabre air that at times sends shivers down the spine. 'There Will Be Blood' is the best example of this. Its samples are truly frightening and intense amidst the crushing music.

There is not a bad song to be found on this EP. It begs repeated listens and leaves one longing for more. Needless to say, Ethereal Dirge is a welcome addition to the Doom Metal universe and 'Warm The Globe' is an essential purchase.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. New Funeral Idea
2. Longing For Desolation
3. Expedite The End
4. There Will Be Blood
5. Goodbye Cruel World (Pink Floyd cover)

Duration : Approx. 29 minutes

Visit the Etheral Dirge bandpage.

Reviewed on 20-10-2008 by Shawn Pelata
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