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This band attempts to make one of the heaviest sounds ever by a doom metal band (or any other kind of band for that matter) and pull that off wery well. They mi...
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Obiat : Accidentally Making Enemies

Obiat are a multinational 4-piece hailing from Reading/London. I must admit that I had never heard anything from this band when singer Laz invited me to one of their gigs in London. I'm glad that I did accept his invitations though, as I was immediately hooked to the mesmerizing sound of Obiat and I managed to lay my greedy hands on their first work 'Accidentally Making Enemies'.

Although the tracks on this recording are a bit less "far out" than what I experienced in their gig, this is nevertheless an outstanding slab of hypnotic, mesmerizing groovedoom. At times reminding of Electric Wizard, at other times hinting of the repetitive drive of High on Fire, there is always something captivating in their sound and they don't bore for a single second: whether it is Laz' soulful, reverbed vocals, the irresistible guitar and bass grooves, some unexpected acoustic intermezzi and psychedelic acting out of effects, Hammond organs and wah-wah pedals, Obiat understand the art of making songs that are catchy, groovy and hypnotic.

The band is currently working on new material and I'm very curious to hear how their sound will evolve, as there were quite some more interesting elements in their gig like f.i. ethnic instruments and percussion. But as far as I know, their first album is still available from the band and as it is an outstanding one, I would wholeheartedly recommend it to fans of groovy, laid back groovedoom without pretensions. For more info, check out their site at www.obiat.com.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Losing the Power of Speech
2. Wurm
3. Obiat
4. Battersea
5. Crimson Sea
6. Azazel

Duration : Approx. 36 minutes

Visit the Obiat bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
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