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Traditional doom with christian lyrics, influences from Black Sabbath and similarities to Trouble. ...
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Super Timor : Cauchemar D'Esque

If I hadn't already known Super Timor from their demo, then the cover would have confused me. It’s a painting of a Lovecraftian horror on a background of Celtic imagery. The only thing that it really compares to is the artwork on some of the releases from Shifty Records. That’s perhaps the best indication of what lies within, as Super Timor’s music shares some similarities with the Shifty brand of sludgecore. Neither, however, have anything to do with paganism, Celtic or otherwise.

Since the demo has already been reviewed, I will focus exclusively on the new material. I didn't bother to post a translation of the bonus tracks since a translation was included with the demos review. But still, you don't see an eight song bonus disc everyday. That's pretty much a free full-length release.

As mentioned, Super Timor play sludgecore. More precisely, they play a mixture of doom and sludge with some Winter style doom/death elements thrown in. The album has a slightly cocky feel it. It still creates a raw and negative atmosphere, albeit one that is slightly aggressive as well. Another development which I really like is the technical guitar play that transitions between sections of heavy, stomping riffage. There is even a part in 'Le Bar Des Babalettis' that's clearly borrowed from the Pink Panther theme song. You wouldn’t think it, but it actually fits with the song rather nicely. The music of Monsieur Panther has never sounded more bastardly, and it's just a small sample of where Super Timor will go musically. The album contains lots of unexpected elements which not only fit well together, but gives the music an identity all its own. They say that the French like to do things their own way, and Super Timor’s music illustrates this quite clearly.

However, Super Timor’s music fails to be as appealing as that of more famous acts, like Eyehategod; and the absence of any truly memorable moments doesn’t help either. No, it seems that Super Timor’s music appeals only to a select few. However, if you like your doom to be dirty, raw, and experimental, then Super Timor is right up your alley.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Fort Comme Un Apollon Beau Comme Un Adonis
2. Le Bar Des Babalettis
3. Ah Bodieu!
4. Gibe
5. Cancer Du Pipou
6. Jean Cesar
7. Tu N As Pas Paye Ton Lover?
8. Super Matelot

Bonus Demo - 'Tout Le Monde Aime Super Timor'
9. ‘L Eau De Jose’
10.’La Rumba Du Pinceau’
11. ‘Pentothal Hallal’
12. ‘Les Femmes Ils Sont Parties’
13. ‘Ta Femme C Est Un Homme’
14. ‘Sur Le Chemin Des Goudes’
15. ‘Jean-Cesar’
16. ’Asphyxie Par Les Pompiers’

Translation of 'Cauchemar D'Esque':
1. ‘Strong Like An Apollon Beautiful Like An Adonis’
2. ’Babalettis' Bar’
3. ‘Oh Bodieu !’
4. ’Agressive Remark’
5. ’Pipou's Cancer’
6. ‘Jean Cesar’
7. ‘Haven't You Paid Your Bill?’
8. ‘Super Sailor’

Duration : Approx. 66 mins.

Visit the Super Timor bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-04-2008 by Arnstein Petersen
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