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Very slow and mournful gothic/symphonic/doom, with high amounts of darkwave elements in it. Tenor vocals and a wide variety of instruments, create a sometimes m...
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Super Timor : Tout Le Monde Aime Super Timor

The album title 'Tout Le Monde Aime Super Timor' is French and means "the whole world loves Super Timor". Since these Frenchmen play underground sludge/doom with plenty of filth and Eyehategod influences, that is obviously a joke. However what will make Britney Spears fans vomit, will certainly appeal to some on the opposite side of music.

The humor spreads to the other tracks, which becomes more apparent when they're translated. It's common within the scene to provoke and with the track 'Hallal Pentothal', Super Timor becomes no exception. Pentothal is a surgery anasthetic. In combination with the muslim food hallal the result would be highly politically incorrect. But then again, the true underground never tried to be mainstream. [note by author: It was pointed out to us in a mail that this might sound racist. This was never my intent and the band never intended it to be anything but a joke like the other tracks.]

When listening to this demo I can't help but be reminded of Eyehategod. Super Timor presents a sewer-drenched lot of fuck-it-all songs that remain very much in their vein. The punk/crust influences that Southern sludgecore has are also present. Yet they remain pissed off and straightforwardly brutal. The riffs groove along with a mid-paced bounce and create the strong impulse to bang your head. In other words, if you like Eyehategod, then you might also want to check out this stuff. Super Timor prove once and for all that Europeans are equally capable to make fucked up sludge.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. L'Eau De José
2. La Rumba Du Pinceau
3. Pentothal Hallal
4. Les Femmes Y Sont Parties
5. Ta Femme C'Est Un Homme
6. Sur Le Chemin Des Goudes
7. Jean-Cesar
8. Asphyxié Par Les Pompiers

Translated track list:
1. José's Water
2. The Rumba Of The Brush
3. Hallal Pentothal
4. Women Went There
5. Your Wife Is A Man
6. On The Way Of Goudes
7. Jean-Cesar
8. Asphyxiated By The Firemen

Duration : Approx. 25 minutes

Visit the Super Timor bandpage.

Reviewed on 26-05-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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