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Genovese label Black Widow Records was founded in 1990 to specialise in heavy Doom/Prog music. It has steadily expanded on a catalogue that primarily includes c...
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Novembers Doom : The Knowing

As the first of a two-cd deal with Dark Symphonies, November's Doom produced 'The Knowing', described by the label as "a dark conceptual piece from start to finish, drawing diverse influences from such acts as Opeth, early Moonspell and Katatonia." There are also obvious influences from MDB. material (particularly that of 'Like Gods of the Sun').

The album in question gives off a generally dreamy, atmospheric ethos created by a complex, yet identifiable interaction between several factors. These include the effective yet tactful and apt tempo changes, as well as November Doom's characteristic use of both male and female vocals, which are superimposed upon a background of lengthy instrumental passages, in themselves balanced out by acoustic guitar and piano interspersals, as well as surreal sound effects. It is worth noting that this cd does utilise clean vocals to a greater extent than previous work.

As far as lyrical content is concerned, it is very much in keeping with the style for which November's Doom is noted, with hard-hitting lyrics such as "Forever, my sanity has been stripped away", and tracks emotively entitled, for example, 'Searching The Betrayal', 'Last God' and 'In Memories Past'. The conceptual nature of the CD as a whole revolves around "despair and grievous matters of the heart" (as per Mark Gromen, Metal Maniacs), which are brought to the fore by the tacit combination of lyrics and music.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Awaken
2. Harmony Divine
3. Shadows of Light
4. Intervene
5. Silent Tomorrow
6. In Faith
7. Searching the Betrayal
8. Last God
9. In Memories Past
10. The Day I Return
11. Aura Blue
12. Silent Tomorrow (Edit-version)

Duration : Approx. 64 minutes

Visit the Novembers Doom bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Keti Tano
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