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Non Immemor Mei : Requiem Of Fallen Leaves/Реквем...

[edit by author: The albums full title is 'Requiem Of Fallen Leaves/Реквем Опавших Листьев' and contains both the english and the russian title on the cover.]

The bandname Non Immemor Mei, which I believe to be Latin for "forget me not", in combination with the Russian album title suggests that what we have here is a melodic doom/gothic album with plenty of sadness and a use of additional instruments that dominate parts of the music. And that is exactly what we find, allthough it's not overly cheesy. Nor is there an overtly large amount of extra instruments; just a keyboard and piano. However, they're used quite frequently.

'Requiem Of Fallen Leaves/Реквем Опавших Листьев' contains four long tracks of romantic sounding melancholy, with each track lasting more than ten minutes. While all the tracks have several verses done by the male vocals (and the occasional female ones on the last track), they still find the time to insert many sections of really nice melody. While the rest of the music is some of the better in the genre, I find these melodic sections to be their strongest side. They are emotional in such a mystical and fairytale way. My only negative comment about them is that the melodic guitar is probably a bit too whiny when it's not riffing.

Since the bands beginning in 2001 and up to the writing time of this album, July 2007, the band has already replaced eleven members. Thus, it would not surprise me if the fact that they've only made one album in seven years is due to line-up problems. The biography on their homepage is in Russian so I can't really tell (since I don't know Russian). Still, I hope that they will get around to make at least one more release. This is one of very few gothic/doom albums that hit the right spot in my musical taste. Highly recomendable for those into relaxed melodic doom.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Когда Красота Перестаёт Удивлять *
2. Реквем Опавших Листьев *
3. Thy Will Be Done
4. В Объятьях Заката (Expirience) *

* Tracktitles in western letters with translation in parenthesis:
1. Kogda Krasota Perestaet Udivlyat (When The Beauty Ceases To Surprise)
2. Rekviem Opavshich Liste'v (Requiem Of Fallen Leaves)
4. V Obyatyach Zakata (Expirience) (In The Embrace Of The Decline (Experience))

Duration : Approx. 46 minutes

Visit the Non Immemor Mei bandpage.

Reviewed on 08-08-2007 by Arnstein Petersen
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