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An old-school, atmospheric blackened Death/Doom duo from Tokyo, Lifeblood have a sound reminiscent of the better-produced of the '90s UK scene. Thei...
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Nixon Now : Altamont Nation Express

From the starz n' stripes bellbottom-clad chick on the front to the song titles to the friggin' group name fer crissake, Nixon Now are the Compleat Package, classic underground white-knuckle hard rockers with guitars set on kill. They evoke the spirit of drugged revolution found in their most obvious forbearers, the MC5 (original '5 member Michael Davis is a fan), but couldn't stop there any more than they can stop the spirit of excess that seems to inform everything else they do. No, they mix in plenty of early Iggy', and you'll likely hear some late 70s punk as well (was that a Devo riff I just heard?... Nah, couldn't be....), not to mention the uglier side of grunge ca. 1989. This is all packed into 15 easy-to-swallow short sharp dollops of distortion and excitement, a mere one of which could provide enough energy for an entire album by most bands, not to mention light up the city of your choice on New Year's eve. And, strange to say, they've got a sense of humor as well, sometimes evoking Iggy' at his most absurd.

Frankly, I was a bit leery of all this at first. I mean, the MC5 thing has been done to death over the years and rarely does any band capture the over-the-top madness the '5 could inspire at the top of their game. Hell, the group themselves couldn't even maintain it consistently over 3 albums. But I should have had more faith in the mighty Elektrohasch label and its overlord, Colour Haze guitarist Stefan Koglek. He's not one to steer you wrong and you'll just have to believe me when I say that if anyone could equal the MC5 and Stooges at their insane best, it's Nixon Now. It's true! There's so much fuzzed-out, punked-up riff-crazy power on this disc that you'll feel like brother Wayne Kramer or Fred "Sonic" Smith, whirling with their guitars like dervishes at an early '5 show, convinced that rock was going to change the world and that the lifestyle would simply PREVAIL.

Well, those classic Detroit bands had their time with the Omind, riding the curl of the Trans-Love revolution before it broke against harsh reality in the 70s. It's Nixon Now's turn in the sun, stoned out of their minds at the drag strip and contemplating another rock n' roll utopia. I was ready to give this a pass at first; now I'm making room for it in my permanent collection. I think it's time to hit "repeat" on this bad boy, 'cause now it's time...... Now it's time.... Now it's time to...... KICK OUT THE JAMS!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Revolver
2. Today is the Day
3. Bad World
4. Shake
5. You & Me
6. Car Wash
7. Burning Down the Neighborhood
8. Altamont Nation Express
9. I Live in a Car
10. The Rocker
11. Madman
12. Fastest Thing
13. I Can Boogie
14. Brian Jones
15. Electric Teenage Nürnburg

Duration : Approx. 41 minutes

Visit the Nixon Now bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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