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Nightrealm : Bleakness

This is not a band as much as a project. Despite that the man behind the project had some help from other musicians it was still a recording only cooperation. He calls himself Nighrealm, but it's uncertain whether he has named the band after himself or taken his nickname from the band name. In any case, this is a rather impressive piece of work for a 16 year old.

Living up to its name, the music on this album is indeed a very bleak adventure. Plenty of flutes and keyboards play their melancholy tunes alongside grunts and deep clear vocals that even Barry White would envy. This album is devoid of any hope and breathes a nihilistic atmosphere imbued with heavily laden depression.

Probably the most noteworthy thing about the music is the fact that it remains so utterly majestic and intensely rich in atmosphere. This is particularly fitting, as depression is indeed an overwhelming emotion.

The atmosphere of the album is well known to the melancholic doom/death scene, but there are very few bands which this album can actually be compared to musically. Ningizzia is probably one of the bands which lie closest. Add some My Dying Bride influences and you come really close to this curious Nightrealm sound.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Chapter I
2. Chapter II
3. Chapter III
4. Chapter IV
5. Chapter V

Duration : Approx. 33 minutes

Visit the Nightrealm bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-2005 by Arnstein Petersen
Aesthetic Death
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