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Nemesis : The Day Of Retribution

Nemesis was the band from Leif Edling before he started Candlemass. They released only one EP in 1982 'The Day Of Retribution'. Luckily, Active Records re-released this EP in 1990 (Metal Blade did this for the USA).

Two Candlemass demo songs are included as a bonus ('Blackstone Wielder' and 'Demons Gate'). Leif sings on all the tracks himself. Allthough he ain't Messiah he doesn't sing that bad on the Nemesis songs. The opening track 'Black Messiah' on this recording is also known as 'Darkness In Paradise' from the 'Ancient Dreams' album. The other 4 songs, 'In God we Trust', 'Theme Of the Guardians', 'The King Is Dead' and 'Goodnight' were never used for a Candlemass album. As I said, these songs were recorded in 1982 and they are motherfucking heavy, especially for that time period.

The line-up is almost identical as on the 'Epicus...' record. The only difference is that Matz Bjorkman wasn't in the band at that time, but a guy called Anders Wallin, played the lead guitar. The songs themselves are a little bit more uptempo than the 'Epicus...' stuff, but still very dark and doomy. The Candlemass demo tracks are performed in the same line-up as 'Epicus...', but with Leif on vocals. This time he sings differently than on the Nemesis tracks - unfortunately. His singing doesn't sound that good and he whines a bit. But these 2 tracks are taken from demo's and they are bonus tracks, which means I shouldn't whine ;) Enjoy...

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Black Messiah
2. In God We Trust
3. Theme of the Guardians
4. The King is Dead
5. Goodnight
6. Blackstone Wielder [bonus track]
7. Demons Gate [bonus track]

Duration : Approx. 43 minutes

Visit the Nemesis bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Jacob Remery
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