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Mythological Cold Towers : Remoti Meridiani Hymni

Once again, I've been deceived by my expectations. For the thousand and first time, an excellent doom band swaps its sinister, primitive sounds for an accesible metal sound full of unsophisticated, catchy chorusses that appeal to a 'wider audience'. Something like that they call 'progression'. My ass!

I considered Mythological Cold Towers the best Brazilian doom band since their debut album 'Sphere of Nebaddon' from 1995, and they seemed to have no difficulties in combining ultra heavy depression with melancholical tragedy at a pace that even your granny would consider too slow. Five years later, 'Remoti Meridiani Hymni' is the completely deviant follow-up: the tempo is much faster, the vocals are less deep, the atmosphere is more uplifting and the songs have obvious gothic influences (with other words: there are more keyboards).

The consequence of this is that the very dark, enchanting atmosphere of the first album disappeared completely and that the unique graveyard sound of Mythological Cold Towers is gone. The only things that didn't change, are the length of the songs, the profound lyrics, the ethnic, pagan atmosphere and the excellent artwork.

Those who don't know the band yet, will probably find it a good dark metal album. But the older fans will be deeply disappointed, because all the doom elements that were synonymous for Mythological Cold Towers, are missing. You can order this album from Somber Music, e-mail somber@albnet.com.br.

[note by admin: This review was originally written for Mindview (a Belgian metal zine) by Kurt de Meulemeester. It was translated from Belgian by Kostas Panagiotou. It no longer exists on the original website.]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Lost Tribes Of Amazon - A Glimpse In The Maze Of Forest
2. Glorious Traces Of The Fall Of Tahuantinsuyu
3. Remoti Meridiani Hymni
4. Opulence Of The Signals
5. Colossal Megalithie Monument
6. Contemplating The Brandish Of The Torches
7. Tiwanako - A Gateway To Kalasasaya

Duration : Approx. 59 minutes

Visit the Mythological Cold Towers bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kurt de Meulemeester
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