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Mystic Moon : Promo 2005

I was a little bit excited to finally hear some stuff of those newcomers from Greece as I have heard many positive comments about their music and their live shows. Apart from that it is very important for me to pick up on new Greek doom Metal bands in the scene so when this happens –not very often to be honest - I want to hear their music as quickly as possible.

What I got in my hand is a three track promo CD officially entitled 'Promo 2005'. With this CD the band wants to prepare the media and the fans for their forthcoming demo CD scheduled to be released around Christmas 2005 (does anyone feel like giving a doom metal gift?).

The first track called 'Omnia Sunt Excisanta' is actually an intro. Well I do not know if the guys have used this track to fill the space in their audio CD but for me this track is simply useless. It is just a simple clean guitar melody with no background keyboards or vocals/narrations and without any link to the next track. All the basic features that intros have (and I love nice intros to tell you truth) are simply not there, so let’s move quickly to the next one.

'Pale Divine', which is the title of the second track surprised me! It begins with a mysterious melody based on clean guitar with a little effect. Soon this melody gets electrified and followed by the basic riff of the song. Upon this main riff we can hear the basic melodic voice lines, soon to be followed by a great chorus. The chorus is the song’s most brilliant part: epic, while at the same time mournful, with the guitar melodies getting even more mysterious. Soon after (at about 3:40 minutes) we get another doom metal riff and then the song changes; getting a little bit faster based on a slightly epic metal riff and a characteristic lead guitar melody. The great chorus follows once again and the song closes with its electrified beginning melody used here for a second time. I really enjoyed this song. The rhythm section is strong and to the point. I liked the guitar riffs and the melodies/leads. The vocals have got something really special and keep reminding me of some pieces of good old UK doom metal stuff (Unsilence could be an example), a little careful with the accent and the usage of even more melodic lines could make this voice a perfect one and the songs to sound even "richer".

After that great song we get another instrumental piece of music called 'Denial' that is used as an outro. The song is based on a monolithic doom metal riff enforced by some mysterious lead guitar themes and some narration. Just 40 seconds before the end of the song we can hear another great riff, which I would have loved to hear together with vocals to tell you the truth, but as I said, this song is instrumental.

What I really understood from this promo CD is that Mystic Moon are able to write some good pieces of doom metal. I can not say that I have completed a full picture of the band inside my mind, taking into account that I have heard only one completed song which really left positive impression. Their style is deep, mysterious with some epic touches here and there. They have chosen to walk a difficult path and I am sure that we will hear more from them in the near future. I am expecting their full demo, which I am really impatient to hear because I think I will be surprised even more. Good start guys! Keep on doom!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Omnia Sunt Excisanta (intro)
2. Pale Divine
3. Denial (outro)

Duration : Approx. 11 minutes

Visit the Mystic Moon bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Chris Papadakis
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