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Mythic : Mourning in the Winter Solstice

Oh yeah give it to me baby! You know I like that slowed down death-doom! Well, slowed down death/doom? Mythic can actually be pretty up-tempo at times, going into full death-metal blastbeats. Generally switching between slow pounding Doom and blast beats several times in one song.

Who are Mythic however you might wonder. Just another early nineties band that played slowed down death-metal before disappearing into obscurity? Well, yes and no. Yes, they were a pretty run of the mill slowed down death-doom act musically speaking and yes they did disappear into next to complete obscurity again. But also no they were not. Why? Well, as far as I know Mythic to this day remain to be the only all female death/doom act out there. Perhaps there might be another one out there I am not aware of, but for sure they were pretty unique in this.

Of course the gender of the band members should not, and in this case does not, impact the music or one's opinion of it. Still with so few ladies into metal you can't help but notice it. One of these ladies also became rather well known later on in our beloved doom genre, Ms. Mary Bielich. You might also know her first as the bassist of Novembers Doom and now of Penance. Female grunter and guitarist Dana Duffey also built up quite an underground reputation for herself after Mythic, but within the black/death-metal community with her current band Demonic Christ. The only one I don't know what happened to is third member and drummer, Terri Heggen.

Musically I must admit Mythic isn't really of epic proportions. It is by no means bad music, but nothing world shattering either. Solid death/doom with, in the tradition of death-metal acts like Bolt Thrower a lot of heavy bass. Due to all the up-tempo parts I am however inclined to sooner list this under death-metal with a lot of slow bits than truly under death/doom-metal. Then again diSEMBOWELMENT had the same thing going on.

If you can pick this release up somewhere I recommend you doing so, but you'll probably mainly get it because of its curiosity value than its musical value. Sometimes it is just nice to also hear the bands some now well known doomsters (like Mary) started in.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Winter Solstice
2. Lament Configuration
3. Intro / Spawn of Absu

Duration : Approx. 14 minutes

Visit the Mythic bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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