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My Shameful : To All I Hated

My Shameful are a two-piece death/doom band hailing from the depths of Finland. Having recorded three demos in 2000, 'To All I Hated' was finally released in 2002 by Nocturnal Music, and is yet another modern doom masterpiece that I would advise to any death/doom fanatic, or anyone fond of woeful, extreme music for that matter.

Something worth considering first is that My Shameful, with the exception of the 'borrowing' of bass player Janne Marttila on their first demo release, 'Your Dark Overwhelming', are only made up of two people, Sami Rautio and Harri Jussila. On this record, both men perform the vocals, a painful yet pleasant concoction of screams and growls, eternally melancholic and crushing guitaring, and bowel-wobbling bass work, with Sami providing the programming, and I presume those (surprisingly impressive) electronic drums. Now, as skilful as you are, it is difficult to match multiple-member releases with just two contributors, but nevertheless, Rautio and Jussila do a fine job, and you could be easily fooled into thinking the band had many more performers in their ranks (In fact, I won't fail to mention that this release is, to me, a much finer example of musicianship and quality than a certain nine-membered masked band.) The only problem is, unless there was more 'borrowing' of musicians, live shows will be impossible. A shame, but that's not what I am reviewing...

The demo is made up of four compositions averaging around 9 minutes in length, and weighs in at 33 minutes and 31 seconds overall, so My Shameful, like many a doom band, don't lack length in their songs. And, like many a doom band, if you pay the record enough attention, it can drag you into a pit of slow, torturous woe. Each song doesn't bear much of a difference from the other, maintaining a fairly simple structure that is kept to throughout, which some may find quite unappealing and, for lack of a better word, boring. But don't get me wrong, the songs may not be that different, but they are certainly not lacking in quality, and every track never ceases to torment your soul.

So, My Shameful have presented a fine demo that promises good things for the future. Whilst not being ground breakingly original or unique, the band still conjure up thirty three minutes of intense passion, and are heartily recommended to anyone seeking emotive, yet extreme music.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. A Shadow
2. Too Late
3. To All I Hated
4. Hope Torn

Duration : Approx. 33 minutes

Visit the My Shameful bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Stephen Burrell
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