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A bleak, morbid mix of Sludge/Doom Metal, Dark Ambient, and Deathrock (in the style of Christian Death) laced with outbursts of Black Metal. Each song ...
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My Dying Bride : The Light at the End of the World

After the non-doom, experimental, unpopular and, for most, shocking but solid '34.788%...Complete', no one expected a return to the old sound. That's exactly what My Dying Bride have done. However, I'm not impressed with this album at all, I'm afraid.

The sound and the style have changed quite a bit in comparison to the old albums, and this record, I'm sad to say, seems rather empty, without real depth and emotions. This isn't something you could say about any of their previous works. Besides grunts, Aaron also uses his screams, which reveal that the band wanted to do something out of the ordinary, perhaps a bit black metalish. That's another thing I'm not thrilled with, but the occasional black metal riffing nicely fits into the atmosphere. The one thing that irritates me quite a bit are the drums, played by ex-Anathema drummer Shaun Steels, which sound somehow hollow and are sometimes too loud. Not to mention one drum section that is practically identical to one part from the legendary 'Turn Loose the Swans' album.

Overall a fine CD, but simply lacks the emotional, depressive sound of the older albums.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. She is the Dark
2. Edenbeast
3. The Night He Died
4. The Light at the End of the World
5. The Fever Sea
6. Into the Lake of Ghosts
7. The Isis Script
8. Christliar
9. Sear Me III

Duration : Approx. 71 minutes

Visit the My Dying Bride bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Bojan Janjanin
Forever Autumn
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