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Post G20

Fuck G20, someone has already died by police hands and he wasn't even part of any demonstration.
Remind anyone of Genoa or Carlo Giuliani? Whatever happened to our right to peaceful protest?
Ian Tomlinson died of natural causes says the news, what they leave out is that he was brutally attacked by riot police with sticks beforehand and is pictured bleeding profusely from the head. He was walking home from work and not part of the demonstration. Now if anyone else beat someone up and then they died of a heart attack you'd be looking at a charge of at least manslaughter, these guys will probably get promoted. "good job smashing the oiks there old chap".

And as if they've solved anything, the so-called financial 'elite' eh? Can't be that elite because they've lost all the fucking money. The economics of greed and competition have failled, these people have failled us and will continue to do so over and over again with their free market insanity. Business managers, that's all our so-called leaders are for, to maximise
profit for the few and leave the rest of us as victims of their incompetance.
Instead lets prop up a failling system, lost billions? own a bank? well here's another few billion for you to lose.

Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:01 pm
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There's an absolutely excellent article on this (Laffey, Mark and Weldes, J. (2005) 'Policing and Global Governance.' In: Barnett, M. and Duvall, R., (eds.), Power in Global Gevernance. Cambridge University Press, pp. 59-79.) [The book can be found as a pdf on the net if interested...]

Otherwise it's indeed a shame that the democratic protesters against too much economy-based rule are quite inhumanly assaulted as some 'anarchists' or whatever, not to mention the increasing brutality that supresses their basic right for public gathering / protest.

Sonic terrorism is too important to be left to ideological amateurs.

Tue Apr 07, 2009 8:39 am
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You got a link to that .pdf by any chance? All I can find is a .pdf of the contents page.

Police are on the front line of the assault against our liberties in britain right now. It's no longer 'We The People' it's 'We The Businessmen' and we are here solely to make sure they aren't inconvenienced by responsibilty for their mistakes. The sad thing is no-one really gives a fuck about any of this, watch the news and the deaths of protesters are written off as "well they got what they deserved", "standing in the way of progress", "stupid hippies", well, they are if you watch fox news anyway.

Wed Apr 08, 2009 3:08 pm
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