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Author:  Solitude [ Fri Aug 03, 2007 7:28 pm ]
Post subject:  BadMoodMan Music

BMM. 001 Letargy Dream (Rus) 2006 Fragments Of Memory (Atmospheric Doom)
The latest work of this one-man-band band from Moscow presents atmospheric doom-death with lyrics in Russian. Unlike in older demo-recordings, now heavy guitar riffs dominate in music and growlings are activly used.
Pro CD-R in DVD Box Limited to 100!

BMM. 002 Tears Of Mankind (Rus) 2006 To Solitude (Pagan Metal / Doom)
New work of this famous underground band from Surgut. It is the first album in band's history where only lyrics in Russian are used. "To Solitude" presents us pagan-metal with influence of doom-metal like Katatonia and emotional-rock like late Anathema.
Pro CD-R in DVD Box Limited to 100!

BMM. 003 Necrotic Trust (Ukr) 2007 Dry Our Fears (Dark Metal / Doom)
Unique album of a duet from Ukraine for the present time. The unusual music inspired by the most innovative and disputable My Dying Bride album "34.788%... Complete". "Dry Our Fears", undoubtedly, differs from the prototype with more psychodelic atmosphere, enveloping sounding and intelligence of performance. Painful music of Necrotic Trust opens to the listener the most dark corners of human soul.
Pro CD-R in DVD Box Limited to 100!

BMM. 004-07 Kauan (Rus) 2007 Lumikuuro (Black / Doom / Folk Metal)
Kauan presents its debut eclectic album which has incorporated such different styles as dark-folk, black-metal and doom-metal. In "Lumikuuro" it is possible to find echoes of Shape Of Despair music ( “Shades Of …” period), Agalloch, early Empyrium and Tenhi. The album is based on the lyrics written in Finnish language.

BMM. 005-07 S.C.A.L.P. (Rus) 2007 In Memory Of Madness - The Early Years: 1994-1995 (Death Metal / Death Doom)
Re-issue of first three demos of one of the oldest Russian underground bands. CD contains "Madness Cannibalism" (1994), "C.I.A." (1994) and "Memory" (1995), which was self released by band on MC. After more than ten years they became very rare so today everyone who are interested in history of Russian underground can hear music of S.C.A.L.P. which they played at the beginning of their way – raw death metal with doom elements!
Pro CD-R Limited to 100!

BMM. 006-07 The Morningside (Rus) 2007 The Wind, The Trees And The Shadows Of The Past (Atmospheric Black Doom)
The debut conceptual album of Moscow band The Morningside unwraps before the listener the cloth which has embodied all shades of autumn, filled by light grief and a melancholy. The rich musical material has incorporated set of black metal and doom metal styles. The Morningside music will suit fans of Katatonia ("Brave Murder Day" period), Agalloch and Opeth, and everyone who like dark, sincere music.

You can found some MP3 there

Author:  Solitude [ Sat Nov 29, 2008 11:11 pm ]
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BMM. 007-07 Skogyr (Rus) 2007 Rainchants (melancholic pagan black metal) CD

This first full length of Russian SKOGYR presents four, melancholic black metal tracks. SKOGYR’s instrumental music will remind you of the early DRUGKH and often sounds like noise of the autumn rain or evening forest.
The album includes a bonus track, a cover called “Silent Hill” originally written by a cult composer AKIRA YAMAOKA. Multimedia section includes a video clip “Chant I”.

Image Image
BMM. 008-07 Vinterriket (Swz) 2007 Kaelte, Schnee Und Eis… (acoustic / ambient) CD

The most recent work from the Swiss cult band, which shows Vinterriket from a whole new angle. A project, well known for its work in black metal and dark ambient genres, put those two together creating very unusual sounding versions of their old black metal songs. Almost from the first notes you can recognize the keys, the acoustic guitars, drums and clean vocals creating a cold, ambient atmosphere.
The album includes acoustic versions of songs from the Winterschatten CD and limited "Aura" PIC-EP, "Im Ambivalenten Zwielicht Der Dunkelheit" and "Kaelte" 7inches which makes this CD even more valuable for not only the collectors but for all the people who are into this music.
The album has also been released in a special edition digi-pack with alternative artwork and gold CD limited to 500 copies.

BMM. 009-07 Floodstain (Hol) 2007 Dreams Make Monsters (stoner rock) CD

Dutch stoner-rock band Floodstain proudly presents their listeners a brand new album “Dreams Make Monsters”. This album is a must for the fans of heavy and catchy rock. If you like Queens of the Stone Age, Corrosion of Conformity, Floodgate, Nebula. Fu Manchu, Alabama Thunderpussy, you will definitely dig this release.
Catchy melodies are being alternated with heavy riffs. Widly solo’s complete the groovy rhythm section and the heavy guitars. You can hear similarities with a well known Dutch band Heavy Lord as two of the Heavy Lord members participate on this release.

BMM. 010-07 Sanctus Infernum (USA) 2008 Sanctus Infernum (extreme doom/death) CD

Debut album by an American Band – a project of Mark Anderson formerly of the legendary heavy rock band Manila Road.
The music can be described as a combination of death/black and death/doom and is full of heavy riffs
From time to time the riffs, the solo’s and the vocals approach the classic work of Tiamat “Clouds” and Syrach. Excellent recording quality and superior musician craft make this album different from many others.

BMM. 011-07 Mournful Gust (Ukr) 2008 The Frankness (dark gothic doom) CD

Mournful Gust - a well known Ukrainian group come back with a new album after an eight-year break! The debut album was issued in 2000 on MC and has been rereleased on CD in 2005 by Soyuz/Metal Agen. Today the group comes back with the new material, combining such styles as: gothic metal, death/doom and elements of the European folk-music. The sated melodies are filled with parts of live flute. The voice of the vocalist (known from his work with Autumnia) transfers a rich palette of feelings and experiences, which have been put in pawn in the English-speaking lyrics, passing from clear singing, to growl.
The addition of a 24 page booklet makes this disk a unique eye catcher with pit art.

BMM. 012-07 Darktrance (Ukr) 2008 Ghosts In The Shells (dark metal / depressive black) CD

BadMoodMan Music / Solitude Productions presents a new name on the Ukrainian black metal scene – Darktrance, with their debute album «Ghosts In The Shells». Powerfull sound, apocalyptic atmosphere, original use of electronics and wide variety of music genres, from depressive black metal to dark metal, will be interesting for the fans of such bands as Deinonychus and Forgotten Tomb, and will catch the fancy of all extreme black metal lovers.

BMM. 013-08 Vinterriket (Swz) Zeit-Los:Laut-Los CD (dark ambient) CD in MiniLP Sleeve

New work of dark ambient master – Vinterriket! «Zeit-Los:Laut-Los» is a 40 minutes soundtrack for a film Kontemplative Antagonismen Des Augenblicks.
The album is made in the best traditions of the band, which confesses the religion of nordic dark ambient, filled with the noises of winter forest and with the breath of nordic wind.
Expecially for that release mastering was done in Strype Klangschmiede (Oslo, Norway) in 2008. This CD is packaged in mini LP sleeve and strictly limited to 1000 copies

BMM. 014-08 Opaque Lucidity (Rus) Opaque Lucidity CD (esoteric ambient / funeral doom) CD

The debut album of the project Opaque Lucidity, lining-up musicians from two Russian bands, Aglaomorpha and Risus Sardonicus, carries the listener to a world of music woven of dark ambient and atmospheric funeral doom metal in the spirit of Until Death Overtakes Me, and lyrics building on spiritual development of the consciousness and written by the influence of zen buddhism, dzogcheng, teachings of philosophers and different esoterics of literature.

BMM. 015-08 Raventale (Ukr) Long Passed Days CD (depressive black / black doom) CD

New work from the talented Ukrainian depressive black metal band. This time Raventale demostrate us a transition to black doom side, still preserving their inimitable atmosphere and melodiousness. Combining fury and coldness of black metal with melancholic loneliness of doom metal, in addition with some elements of ambient, the band rises up on a new level of quality. The beautiful lyrics make the new album "Long Passed Days" more attractive for all lovers of the voluptuous side of black metal.

BMM. 016-08 Kauan (Rus) Tietajan Laulu CD (atmospheric dark metal) DigiCD

Solitude Productions and BadMoodMan Music proudly present the long-awaited second album of the unique Russian band Kauan. A band that got alot of good reviews in Russia and in the West, a band whose first album became a sensation in Europe (won nominations from "best album of the year" to "breakout of the year 2007") comes back with a new album that demonstrates creative and professional growth of the musicians.
"Tietajan Laulu" - a bright conceptual linen, includes warm, soft and hard metal - music close to Agalloch, Tenhi, Subaudition, with inimitable coloring and lyrics in Finnish and Russian languages.
Mastering and mixing made by Pavel Peristy, who has also worked with bands like Intagio, Revelations Of Rain, Tears Of Mankind and many others...
Disc with gold evaporation packaged in stylish digipak including aerograph pictures made by the painter of the band.

BMM. 017-08 Alley (Rus) The Weed CD (progressive death metal) CD

BadMoodMan Music presents band Alley with their debut album "The Weed"! Young but professional musicians offer for all lovers of hard and smart music perfect mix of progressive and death metal in best traditions of Opeth and Daylight Dies. Bright compositions, professional playing and high quality of record make Alley a part of circle of bright representatives of Russian hard scene. Mixing and mastering of record made in famous studio NavahoHut.

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