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Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Jun 18, 2016 8:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last distro news:

DEUS INVERSUS (Ger) The downfall MCD. Death metal

FURIOUS BARKING (Ita)/ DESMODUS (Ita) Italian thrash relics Split CD. Thrash metal demos from the earky 90's.

HELL TORMENT (Peru) Hell terror CD. Black death

NECROBUTCHER (Bra) Corrosive and schizophrenic noisy torment CD. (Demos from 88 & 89). Deep underground grindcore/ Black death

OBSECRATION (Gre) Behold the pale horror MCD. Death metal

ROT (Pol) Kingdom of antichrist sodomy Demo tape. Black death

SCULPTOR (Rus) Pact with the doomed CD. Digipack. Doom/ Death doom

SHAMBLES (Thailand) Realm of darkness shrine CD. Obscure death/ Death doom

SORROWFUL (Mex) In the rainfall CD. Doom death

VHS (Usa) Screaming war gore CD. Death meta with punk and thrash influences.

HARMONY DIES (Ger) I'll be your master CD. Old brutal death

Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Jul 02, 2016 8:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

New CDs and tapes for sale.

CHAOS BLOOD (Uk) Fragments of a shattered skull MCD. Death metal/ Blasting death

DEMONIC RAGE (Chile) Omen of doom CD. Old school death/ Obscure death (Contains demos and Eps).

DEMONIC RAGE (Chile)/ FETID ZOMBIE (Usa) Split CD. Obscure death/ Death metal

EVOKED TERROR (Peru) ...Rise upon unholy darkness Demo tape. Old school death

HATROSS (Panama) Vengeance of evil Pro CDr/ Cardboard sleeve. Old styled death

MASS BURIAL (Spa) Of carrion and pestilence CD. Old styled death.

NECROBASTARD (Chile) Necro Avance MMXIV Demo tape. Old styled Death metal

NIHIL DOMINATION (Ecuador)/ GOATBAPHOMET (Ecuador) Split CD. Black death

POISONOUS (Bra) Perdition's den CD. Old school death/ Obscure death

SADISTIC (Chile) Diabolical ascending Demo tape. Old styled death.

BUCCAL DEFECATION (Argentina) Testament of brutality CD. Brutal death

Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Jul 16, 2016 9:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last distro news:

ALCOHOLIC FORCE (Col) Gasoline Drinkers – Fantomania IV CD. Old school thrash/ speed

CARNAL GHOUL (Ger) The grotesque vault Demo tape. Swedish death metal

CHARNIER (Fra) Humanicide CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death

DISPHERE (Ita) Abscience CD. Brutal death/ Technical death

INFERNAL EXECRATOR (Singapore) Thy demonization conquers MCD. Black death

KINGDOM (Pol) Morbid priest of supreme blasphemy Demo tape. Death metal/ Obscure brutal death

LIVING ALTAR (Lithuania) Universe of thralls Demo tape. Blackened death/ Death metal

PROFANER (Peru) Promo 2015. CDr. Old school death metal

TERATOS (Peru) Teratocarcicoma Demo tape. Underground death/ Old brutal death

Listening advices

OCEAN OF ZERO/ Death metal from Australia. New album out!
check out:

ATLANTIC TIDE/ Stoner Heavy metal from Sweden

EXCORIATE/ Old school death from Chile

TOMBSTONED/ Cool stoner doom from Finland

ACxDC/ Grindcore powerviolence from Usa

Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Jul 30, 2016 8:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last distro news:

ADRENICIDE (Uk) Natural born thrashers CD. Old school thrash/ Crossover

BESTIAL DEVASTATOR (Ger) Merciless attacker Demo tape. Black thrash

CHAOSBRINGER (Russia) Immersion in darkness Demo tape. Old school death

MERCILESS ATTACK (Ita) Back to violence CD. Old school thrash

MOSH PIT JUSTICE (Bulgaria) Mosh pit justice CD. Old school thrash

SPLAT (Ita) Dead fucking bodes MCD/ Pro CDr. Digipack. Gore grindcore

Fanzine: IRON HAMMER (Ger) #5: Bells Of Acheron Zine, Convent Guilt, Supplicium, Ghast, Scythian, Vulcano,Varathron, Domains, Anaboth, Heretic/Abyssous, Tunjum, Morbid Funeral, Propoved, Of Crawling Shadows Records, Ravencult, Offence, Aggressa, Paganfire, Lord Of Pagathorn... + Reviews, live reports... 80 pages. A4. In english. 2014.


Songs to check out :

TRAUMASPHERE/ Strange and dark death metal.

1000 MODS/ Very cool stoner metal from Greece.

ALCATRAZZ/ Heavy metal from the 80’s.
The first band of Yngwie Malmsteem

Author:  gabalgabow [ Sun Aug 14, 2016 9:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last distro news:

ANIARA (Swe) Caress of darkness Demo tape. Doom/ Heavy old school

BEHEAD (Chile) Fatal violence Demo tape. Old school thrash death (Reminds me of Sepultura/ Morbid visions)

DERANGED (Chile) Defacing world Demo tape. Old school thrash

GENETIC MUTATION (Uk) Toxic force MCD/ Pro CDr. Old styled thrash/ Crossover

HAIR BALLS (Rus) Atomic cucumber CD. Old styled thrash/ Crossover

PROPOVED (Serbia) Ohaj koji niko jeste Demo tape. Doom metal/ Old heavy

SURVIVAL INSTINCT (Can) Survival instinct Demo tape. Old styled thrash

THE FALLEN (Chile)/ THE TEMPLE (Chile)/ MISCHIEVOUS AUGURY (Chile) Split CD. Doom death/ Death doom

THE NEFARIOUS INTEGRATION (Hol) Seventh circle of hell Demo tape. Raw death thrash


Not awaken yet ?
You need some ugly stoner/ Doom in the morning !


Some peoples remember the French magazine RAGE?


CATAPULT THE SMOKE: Cool stoner from Sweden,
Members of TRAUMATIC

Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last distro news:

CRYPTIC (Pol) Infinite torment CD. Death metal

ELIGORIUM (Russia) Antihuman process misantropic progress CD. Death metal with old brutal death moments.

GYPSY WIZARD (Serbia) Flowers of doom Demo tape. Occult rock/ Psychedelic/ Hard rock

NOCTURNAL TORMENT (Usa) They Come at Night CD. Old school death

PSYCHOMANCER (Usa) Inject the worms MCD. Death metal

THANATOPSIS (Usa) A view of death CD. Old school death metal/ Thrash. Rerelease of demos from the 90's.

THRONE OF SACRILEGE (Usa)/ IMPURIUM (Usa) Split CD. Black death/ Black metal

TORMENTER (Usa) Phantom time MCD/ Cardboard sleeve. Thrash metal

YELLOWTOOTH (Usa) Crushed by the wheels of progress CD. Stoner doom sludge

KRAMPUS (Hungary) Graveyard blowjob CD. Death grind/ Death metal



7 obscure GODFLESH influenced metal bands:
From the 90's, to your speakers.

Don't be fooled by the name... This was great old school thrash death influenced by old Sepultura/ Demolition hammer


Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Sep 10, 2016 7:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last distro news:

BELLS OF DOOM (Swe) The death of god Demo tape. Doom

CAUSTIC (Swi) Caustic Demo tape. Thrash metal (Rerelease of demo from 1992)

CICUTOXIN (Fin) Delirious excommunication Demo tape. Doom sludge

DAMAGE SOURCE (Ger) ... Come deterioration Demo tape. Death thrash/ Thrash metal

DAZD (Serbia) Demo trake Tape. Thrash metal

FUNERAL WHORE (Hol) Phantasm Tape. Old school death

NAKED STAR (Ger) Bloodmoon prophecy Demo tape. Doom

THE FALLEN (Chile) Drowned in an unknown meaning of life and death CD. Doom death (Members of Demonic rage, Mischievous augury...)



GAFFED: American Death metal from the 90’s.
Ex-RITUAL TORMENT. Check it out.

SUBRIG DESTROYER: Slow doom sludge, sounds quite crushing…
The Godflesh vocals alike vocals are nice.

DRAWN AND QUARTERED: The American Death metal band is back!
They released a new demo tape.

This is cool stoner/ hard rock inspired by the 70’s.
I dig the effects on vocals.

Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Sep 24, 2016 8:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last distro news:

ABERRANTE (Panama) Control natal por toxicos Demo tape. Old school grindcore/ Death metal

ABSCESSION (Swe) Grave offerings CD. Swedish death metal

BASTARD GRAVE (Swe) Unmarked grave Demo tape. Swedish death metal

BASTARDOS (Argentina) Descraneados en las calles Demo tape. Thrash metal

CADAVERIC INCUBATOR (Fin) Unburiend morbidity Demo tape. Obscure death metal/ Grindcore

CARNATION (Bel) Cemetery of the insane MCD. Old styled death

FUMIGADOR (Panama)/ DEMONOMANCER (El salvador) Split tape. Underground death grind/ Black death

HARM (Ger) The evil CD. Old school death

IMPACTOR (Ger) Forces from beyond MCD. Digipack. Old school thrash

RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER (Ger) Blast into oblivion CD. Death metal


TREPANATOR: Old school death from France,
with ex members of DEEP VEIN

FIEND: Crushing grindcore from Usa

COPOREAL DECAY: Old school death from 1992

Author:  gabalgabow [ Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last distro news:

ABERRANTE (Panama) Convulsiones necrologicas Demo tape. Old school grindcore/ Death metal

BEAST PETRIFY (Singapore)/ EMPHERIS (Pol) Split tape. Thrash - Black thrash/ Black death

BLOODSTORM (Usa) Nocturnal blood Demo tape. Old school thrash

GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Vampires and gorgeous throats Tape. Old school industrial with metal influences.

IMPURE CONSECRATION (Usa) Consumed by the venomous curse MCD. Black death/ Death metal

PSYCHOPATHOLOGIST (Russia) Clumsy remains Demo CDr. Thrashing death

STONEWITCH (Fra) The godless Demo tape. Doom metal


VALLENFYRE – Bootleg Live.
Sounds more obscure and crushing than on album.

THE SWORD – Live Louisville/ USA.
Cool heavy metal/ Stoner. Cool gig:

BOLT THROWER – For victory.
Live with good sound. The battle is eternal.

STONEWITCH/ Old school doom metal from France

Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Oct 22, 2016 10:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last distro news:

BONESAW (Uk) The illicit revue CD. Digipack. Old styled death, influenced by Autopsy.

ICE WAR (Can) Dream spirit MCD/ Cardboard sleeve. Old school heavy metal/ Hard rock

OUTCAST (Australia) Outcast Demo tape. Old school heavy metal

OVERCHARGE (Ita) Speedsick Demo tape. Speed metal/ Punk. Sounds like Motorhead meets Disfear.

PATHOGEN (Philippines) Thrust into oblivion Demo tape. Old school death

PISSBOILER (Swe) Pissboiler Demo tape. Doom death

SHITFUN (Bra) Promo 2013. CDr. Cardboard sleeve. Grindcore/ Death grind

SON OF STORM (Thailand) In drunk we thrash Demo tape. Old styled thrash

TREPANATOR (Fra) Mutant birth MCD. Digipack. Death metal/ Old school death. (Previous members of Deep vein).

XASTER (Usa) Años de blasfemia CD. Old styled black thrash

CULTURE GRIND (Indonesia) ROTTEN CROTCH (Usa) Split CDr. Underground grindcore noise


DARKLORD: Monstruous cavernous black death/ death metal from Australia.
Released in 1994.

CANDLEMASS: Crystal ball live 2013: With metal bands the older songs are often the best,
It’s the same for doom metal.

SHUD: French morbid/ Thrashing death from the 90’s.

KING DIAMOND - live 1987
One of the best Heavy metal bands from Denmark.

Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Nov 05, 2016 8:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last distro news:

BIO KORROSION (Ita) Bio korrosion Demo tape. Fast Hardcore/ Crust

BLODORN (Fra) Absolu MCD. Digipack. Death black

CHURCH OF DISGUST (Usa) Invocation of putrid worship Demo tape. Old school death

INTO COFFIN (Ger) Into a pyramid of doom CD. Doom death/ Old school death

PAJSER (Serbia) Pajser Demo tape. Thrash metal

PERPETUAL HOLOCAUST (Chile) Perpetual holocaust MCD/ Pro CDr. Death metal/ Obscure death

PSYCHOLOGICAL REGURGITATION (Usa) The Regurgitation Demo tape. Death grind

SAATTOVAKI (Fin) Cryptborn creation Demo tape. Old school death with grind influences

SLUR (Uk) Demo 2015. Tape Dbeat/ Powerviolence

WAR DARMEN (Chile) War, curse and damnation MCD/ Pro CDr. Old school thrash



PHRENELITH – Obscure death from Denmark.
New recording !

SAMSON - Live 1980
Great heavy metal/ Hard rock from Uk
(This is the first band of Iron maiden’s vocalist)

French old school death from 1993, with a doomy touch
that sounds kinda like very early PARADISE LOST or perhaps old AUTOPSY.

KING DIAMOND - Rehearsal 1988
Also sounds good without the bigger production.

Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Dec 03, 2016 6:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last distro news:

ANIMATOR (Ireland) Blacklisted Demo tape. Thrash metal

ATOMIC VIOLENCE (Usa)/ ECRYPTIC (Usa) Split tape. Old school thrash/ Death metal

DEVOURED FLESH (Uk) Feeding frenzy Demo tape. Death metal

GOD DISEASE (Fin) Doom howler / Abyss cathedral CD. Old school death metal (Contains two Eps)

GROG (Por) The Bluuaaarrrgghh Rehearsal Demo tape (Rerelease). Old grindcore

HATE BEYOND (Jap) Verge of death CD. Digipack. Thrash metal. Members of Grimforce, Nacrotic greed.

HELLBOMB (Russia) Hatebombs from Hell CD. Black thrash

HORRID (Ita) You are mine Demo tape. Rerelease of demo from 1994. Old school death

OPOSITOR (Spa) Cave ritual Tape. Obscure black death

ORDEALS (Usa) Apotheosis Demo tape. Black death (Closer to Dissection/ old Sacramentum)

TWILIGHT HAMMER (Can) Wrathfire Demo tape. Black thrash

WHITE MAGICIAN (Usa) The pledge MCD. Old school heavy metal

Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Dec 17, 2016 8:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

New tapes and CDs for sale

ALTARS (Australia) Paramnesia Tape. Obscure death

AMELUS (Australia) Amelus Demo tape. Death metal, fast and raw.

BUTAMACHO (Chile) Reunión de brujos CD. Old school death

DEATHRONED (Fra) The curse of power MCD. Old styled thrash à la early Kreator.

DEPRIVE (Spa) Deprive Tape. Contains two demo. Death metal

FALLEN ANGEL (Usa) Dissolution Demo tape. Old styled death metal/ Death black

FESTERING (Por) From the grave Demo tape. Swedish death metal

FVRLVRN (Usa) Fvrlvrn Demo tape. Black metal/ Grind.

GOD DISEASE (Fin) Rebirth of horror Demo tape. Old school death with doom influences.

HADEZ (Peru) Morituri te salutant Tape. Old school death

INFRA (Por) Initiation on the ordeals of lower vibrations Demo tape. Death doom/ Black

MORBO (Ita) Addiction to musickal dissection Tape. Old school death influenced by Autopsy.

NEKROSITY (Swe) Rot to survive Demo tape. Swedish death metal

NOMINON (Swe) Chaos in the flesh... Live! Tape. Old school death

PHOBONOID (Ita) Phobonoid Tape. Black doom



Old styled industrial metal without machines, from Finland.
Fans of old Godflesh, Voivod, and maybe old Depressor, feel the furnace.

UNSU/ Grindcore from the north of France.
Live in Douai. Decently abrasive sound.

MORBID ANGEL - Live Germany 1991.
Live at the time of “Blessed are the sick”


Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Dec 24, 2016 9:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last distro news:

DROYS (Fra) And if... CD. Thrash metal/ Technical thrash (Initially released in 98)

HUMAN INFECTION (Usa) Infest to ingest CD. Death metal/ Grindcore

ISENBLAST (Usa) Unleashing the demon scourge MCD. Black metal

NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU (Bra)/ xAOAx Split tape. Grind/ Grindcore noise

SNUFF (Usa) Slow life, quick death Demo tape. Grindcore/ Powerviolence

TESTATOR (Serbia)/ SPEED MERCHANTS (Serbia) Split tape. Thrash metal

WANDERER OF THE WASTE (Usa) Bleak horizons MCD. Black metal/ Progressive black

Fanzine: EXISTENCE DENIED (Singapore) #3: Purtenance, Lubricant, Execration, Feral, Bastard grave, Lifeless, Exhumation, Revolting, Galvanizer, Disrupted, Cut up, Ashcould, Endseeker, Juanjo Castellano... + Reviews, articles. 48 pages. A4. In english. 2016.


ACCEPT - Live Holland 1980
The beginnings of the band, when they were much closer to hard rock than heavy metal.

M.PHERAL – Demo 1994
French industrial metal with members of Suppuration.
Could please fans of old Godflesh/ Pitch shifter

Author:  gabalgabow [ Fri Dec 30, 2016 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last disto news:

ABYSSUS (Gre) Into the abyss Tape Lp. Old school death

DOOMENTOR (Ger) Dominus omnes Tape. Death doom/ Old school metal

INVASION (Usa) Orchestrated kill maneuver CD. Old styled death, swedish sound.

MALFAS (Chile) Ritual to kingdom of new legion Demo CDr. Underground death/ Satanic death

MONOLITH (Ger) Mountain CD. Doom/ Hard rock

MUCUS (Bel) Ta mere est vielle, prie pour elle Demo tape. Grindcore

NUKE (Usa) Delta city Demo tape. Old school thrash/ heavy metal/ Punk

RUIN (Usa) Spread plague hell Demo tape. Old school death

SCREAM HELL (Chile) Unknown portal Demo tape. Old school death/ Thrash

SEPTICAEMIA (China) 404 Demo tape. Brutal death

SEPULCHRAL CURSE (Fin) A birth in death MCD. Old school death

SURVIVAL INSTINCT (Can) Survival instinct Demo tape. Old styled thrash

WITCHTIGER (Fin) Warlords of destruction CD. Old school heavy metal

New webshop for industrial/ noise/ grindcore/ experimental:

I have started a new webshop for industrial/ noise/ grindcore/ experimental stuffs.

I received some items in the quoted genres, and it didn’t fit the styles of my main webshop NIHILISTIC
(Basically Death metal and old school metal), So I decided to create also this one to spread the sickness.
Prices are even cheaper… The goal is to spread music, not to make money.

Visit the webshop here:

Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Jan 14, 2017 9:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last disto news:

DEATH INVOKER (Peru) Necromantic Desecration CD. Old styled black death/ thrash

DEMORED (Ger) Absolution through dissolution MCD. Old school death

ENVOKE (Bra) Unnatural cancer of the humanity CD. Fast death metal/ Death black

INFAMOVS (Chile) Emanation of Impure heresies Demo tape. Old school death/ Obscure death

INSOLITUM (Bra)/ MORBID PERVERSION (Bza) Abysmal necroalliance Split CD. Old school and morbid Death metal

KARA CEPHE (Turkey) Kara cephe Demo tape. Industrial doom death like old Godflesh

KRAMP (Serbia) Demo 2002 + bonus live Tape. Death grind

OLD CHAPEL (Rus) Symptoms of possession Demo tape. Death doom

PAPA NECROSE (Bra) Driven to evil Demo CDr. Cardboard sleeve. Old school death (Old Death, Obituary...)

RECRUCIFIXION (Bra) irreligion Demo CDr. Cardboard sleeve. Old school thrash

ROTEM (Por) Nightmare forever MCD/ Pro CDr. Death metal/ Death black

SEPULCHRAL (Fra) Rehearsal of the living dead Demo tape. Old school death/ Putrid death

VENUS TORMENT (Chile) The Overdose of Suffering Tape Lp. Old styled thrash death/ Thrashing death.



BYATIS – Demo 2001.
It was a great death metal band from France, quite old school and brutal,
quite technical and hellish at the same time.

IRON MAIDEN – Live Japan 1981
The band live at the time of the second album, with Paul Di Anno on vocals.
They don't play some of these songs live since a long time!

This band was playing killer death metal a brutal way in the 90's...
Now they play ultra smoked/ Psychedelic metal/ Stoned death metal
I have CDs in stock

SLUDGE - Suspission Process
Cool death metal song from this French band from 1996.

ARCKAN OBSCURA – Death metal/ Black metal from 1996
Exhuming more French metal demos from the past.

Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Jan 28, 2017 9:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last disto news:

BRODY'S MILITIA (Usa) Covered in violence CD (Includes patch). Punk hardcore/ Thrash

DEROGATORY (Usa) Derogatory MCD. Old school death

DESTINO/ ENTIERRO (Spa) Cryptic Procession of the yellow sign CD. Death doom

DESTROYER ATTACK (Ecuador) Diabolical ectoplasm Demo tape. Death black

DOOM FORMATION (Usa) Definition of evil MCD. Old death metal (Rerelease of demo from 1995)

ECTOPLASMA (Gre) Skeletal lifeforms Demo tape. Old styled death

FLESH THRONE (Usa) Upon the throne of flesh MCD. Cardboard sleeve. Death metal/ Brutal death/ Obscure death

HUMAN CHUNKS (Usa) Defleshed abhorrent torture Demo CDr. Brutal death

IMPETIGO (Usa) Rode island deathfest - Live 1992. Bootleg tape. Old school death grind/ Grind

MASS BURIAL (Spa) Soul's necrosis CD. Old school death

MORTUARY (Russia) Tank destroyer MCD. Death metal, heavier à la Bolt thrower, Morbid angel...

OLDSKULL (Thailand) Oldskull of death MCD. Old death metal

REMAINS (Mex) ... Of death MCD. Old school death


AUTOPSY - Live 1990
Morbid death metal, live in 90's with good sound.

GODFLESH - Live 1990
Awesome! Godflesh recorded live between Streetcleaner and Slavestate
I'm surprised with the quality of the sound!

ANGEL WITCH - Live 1981
Old school heavy metal from Uk, from the early days of the NWOBHM!

ENFORCER – Demo 2005
80’s heavy metal from Sweden. The first release, when it was still the solo project of the vocalist.

Once physically released, now online to kick your brain.


Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last disto news:

AGE OF AGONY (Hungary) War, hate, blasphemy Tape. Death metal

BLACK BLEEDING (Fra) The awakening MCD. Great death black.

FUNERALL (Spa) Funerall MCD. Digipack. Death metal/ Thrash metal


MOLESTATOR (Usa) Rehearsal demo 060209 Tape. Raw black death

ORTHODOXY (Spa) Shaarimoth MCD. Death black

PSYCHIC CRUSH (Gre) Demo 1992. Tape. Old death metal (Rerelease of recording from the 90's)

VENOMOUS BREATH (Bra) Et viscera sanguis CD. Old school death

VIOLENT OPPOSITION (Usa) Dr evil plays well Demo tape. Grindcore/ Technical grind/ Jazz


DECOMPOSED – Live 1991

The english death doom band, live at the demo time.
This is a quite raw bootleg, but quite interesting.


Les dernières news hard rock, stoner, heavy metal,
doom français en vidéo. Que des groupes français!
Support your local underground.


Author:  gabalgabow [ Wed Feb 22, 2017 7:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last disto news:

DEATH'S COLD WIND (Pol) Subyugador - In goat we trust CD. Bestial death metal

DEBONED (Can) Demo 2013. Tape. Grindcore

FANTOM (Hungary) / FANATIC ATTACK (Hungary) "Fantomania ultra" Split CD. Old styled thrash black: Thrash metal

FEROSITY (Pol) Blasphemous verses CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death. Influenced by Morbid angel, Malevolent creation, Old suffocatiion.

FLESH THRONE (Usa) Onslaught MCD. Death metal/ Brutal death

LIVIDITY (Usa) Fetish for the sick/ Rejoice in morbidity CD. Old brutal death. Rerelease of demo and MCD from 96/97.

PERSECUTOR (Chile) Demo 2008, En vivo Tape. Death metal/ Thrashing death

RIPRIDE (Fin) Ripride Demo tape. Thrash metal

WITCHTIGER (Fin) Warlords of destruction CD. Old school heavy metal (Members of Devil lee rott, Evoked curse, Slugathor, Pagan rites

Author:  gabalgabow [ Sat Mar 04, 2017 9:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NIHILISTIC Distro/ Underground/ France

Last disto news:

CEREKLOTH (Denmark) This temple is a grave Demo tape. Death metal

DEKAPITED (Chile) contra iglesia u estado Demo tape. Old school thrash

DEMONS GATE (Australia) Demon's gate MCD. Doom/ Heavy

DESERT CRONE (Swe) Distorted solitude Demo tape. Stoner/ Doom

DEVOTION (Spa) Necrophiliac cults CD. Old school death/ Death doom

EVIL MADNESS (Chile)/ INFANT DEATH (Nor) Split tape. Old school thrash/ Black thrash

EXTREME ROT (China) Obscure suffering MCD. Brutal death

GRAVEYARD GHOUL (Ger) Slaughtered, defiled, dismembered Tape Lp. Death metal

HADIT (Ita) Introspective contemplation of the microcosmus MCD. Death black

HELLSODOMY (Turkey)Chaostorm Demo tape. Black death

INSEPULTO (Costa rica) Morbid spawn of resurrection CD. Death metal

INSTINTO (Spa) Dimonis Demo tape. Crustcore

MORBID FLESH (Spa) Dying lapidation Demo tape. Morbid death metal

THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR (Usa) Blasphemic disgust Demo tape. Black metal. Members of Morbosidad,, Blaspherian, Sacrilegious torment...

TORMENTER (Malaysia) Blasting torment Demo tape. Old school thrash

TURBOCHARGED (Swe) Militant Tape. Old school thrash


New release: BLACK BLEEDING "The awakening" pro MCD ... eding3.htm ... kening-mcd


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