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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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The Mighty Nimbus play a crushing, sludgy brand of southern flavoured doom, with some stoner rock influences. Recommended for doom fans who like their sl...
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2015-06-09 : Abysmal Growls Of Despair/The Cold View split out now

2015-06-07 : Split single from Abaton and Viscera/// due June 23

2015-06-06 : New Luna album out next week

2015-06-05 : My Silent Wake crowdsourcing project underway

2015-05-31 : King Heavy announce debut album

2015-05-31 : Beneath Slumber announce their debut album

2015-05-31 : Ksyatriya's debut full-length now released

2015-05-31 : New Timeless Necrotears album out now

2015-05-31 : New Iron & Stone EP out now

2015-05-30 : Aesthetic Death news

2015-05-30 : Ommadon news: new album due and limited tape repressing

2015-05-23 : New 'Featured debut' on-site award

2015-05-22 : Pallbearer news - Euro tour, plus first official video track

2015-05-14 : New Nidra split album announced

2015-05-14 : New Atriarch video and mini-tour

2015-05-14 : Black Capricorn album now available on pic vinyl and CD

2015-05-14 : Bevar Sea sophomore album announced

2015-05-14 : Orphans Of Dusk debut CD release out now

2015-05-12 : Lord Vigo release their debut EP

2015-05-10 : New Doomed album due next week

2015-05-10 : NOIZ All-Dayer doom-fest announced

2015-05-02 : Debut album from Swiss duo Ashtar due

2015-05-02 : New Demon Lung album due in June

2015-05-01 : New Gévaudan single out now

2015-05-01 : Shepherd sign with Helmet Lady Records

2015-04-23 : Ancient Lament debut release

2015-04-21 : New Forgotten Tomb album out now

2015-04-21 : Nomad and Wort split album plus tour

2015-04-21 : New Bong album due in May

2015-04-21 : New Ufomammut album out

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