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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Classic revisited

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Very NWOBHM sounding Doom from the '80s. The keyboards add a somewhat cinematic horror movie/space-sounding element to their music. From a 2011 vantage, t...
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2015-08-08 : Free download of new Grey Skies Fallen single

2015-08-08 : New Nightfell album due in September

2015-08-08 : New My Dying Bride album due in September

2015-08-07 : New Throne Of Malediction album announced

2015-08-07 : Debut demo from Livid released

2015-08-02 : Ohdaith debut EP released

2015-07-28 : Somnent debut EP released

2015-07-23 : Hammer of Doom X 2015 festival announced

2015-07-23 : King Heavy release preview track

2015-07-23 : Preview video from Beneath The Storm

2015-07-22 : New Angellore album due in August

2015-07-16 : New Solitude Prod. 'X Years...' compilation available free

2015-07-16 : Solitude 10th birthday special offers

2015-07-16 : Funeral 'In Fields Of Pestilent Grief' re-released

2015-07-16 : Fallen - 'Fallen' anthology released

2015-07-06 : Vin de Mia Trix live album now available on cassette

2015-07-05 : The Solitude Productions 10 year anniversary competition

2015-07-05 : Solitude Productions own photocompetition

2015-06-24 : Insect Ark debut album released

2015-06-24 : Saattue preview advance track from forthcoming third album

2015-06-22 : Debut release from Sorrowful now on preorder

2015-06-22 : Ataraxie debut remaster and reissue with bonus

2015-06-22 : Sounds of Purgatory Mailorder closes

2015-06-17 : Mangog news: streaming video and live show announcement

2015-06-13 : Old Witch/Keeper split tape announced for July

2015-06-13 : Khemmis debut LP announced

2015-06-13 : Secrets Of The Sky sophomore out now

2015-06-13 : The Fateful Hour sophomore due July 10th

2015-06-13 : New Altars of Grief/Nachtterror split announced

2015-06-09 : Ashtar debut album out now through Czar Of Bullets

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