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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Classic revisited

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Atmospheric black/doom with strong influences from 'When All The Laughter Has Gone' era Dolorian. Female vocals are occasionally incorpo...
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2015-09-08 : Desertfest Belgium 2015 tickets now on sale

2015-09-07 : Norilsk official video for 'Nature Morte' now online

2015-09-07 : Tyranny album preview: two tracks now streaming

2015-09-07 : Antithesis V, 11-12 September in Riga

2015-09-07 : New Sky Shadow Obelisk album out now

2015-09-06 : New HellLight album due on Solitude Productions

2015-09-06 : Legion Of Andromeda debut release now on CD

2015-08-30 : New Izah album vinyl release imminent

2015-08-30 : New Cross Vault album announced

2015-08-30 : New Funeral Circle single out now

2015-08-30 : Weird Truth Productions new release information

2015-08-29 : Second track previewed by Beneath The Storm

2015-08-29 : Melvins European tour announced for September/October

2015-08-26 : The Hyle demo tape reissued in CD/LP format

2015-08-22 : New split EP from Grey Widow/Sons Of Tonatiuh

2015-08-22 : Nightfell preview track streaming

2015-08-20 : Swallow The Sun announce massive recording session

2015-08-18 : New Lychgate album released today

2015-08-17 : New split from Eye Of Solitude/Faal

2015-08-17 : Paradise Lost UK tour announced

2015-08-17 : Lucifer to support Paradise Lost on tour

2015-08-17 : Temples 2016 UK festival news

2015-08-17 : Clouds Taste Satanic sophomore release due Sept 1

2015-08-15 : Whispering Woods debut remaster and re-release

2015-08-15 : Ksyatriya's debut full-length now on CD

2015-08-15 : Whelm's only full-length album now issued on CD

2015-08-09 : Slowly We Rot 'zine #7 out now

2015-08-08 : New Tyranny album due in September

2015-08-08 : Free download of new Grey Skies Fallen single

2015-08-08 : New Nightfell album due in September

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